Colour is really really important in design. There are only 11 basic colour terms although there are MILLIONS of colours so it’s essential to spend some time looking at your colours and making sure that they create the right impression for your business. Here is the next instalment in the 11 colours series. 

This month is all about white

White is clean, hygienic and clinical. Sterile, perfect, calming and cleansing. White can imply new beginnings, a blank state, the start of something new (and colourful?)
White is a colour of purity – associated with white wedding dresses and virginity, it says “stay away” which isn’t a very positive message if you’re wanting to attract customers! However, if you use white as a base for other colours, this doesn’t have to be an issue. White is an excellent background colour that helps other colours to really show up and stand out. I love using white space so that the things placed on white are what your eye is drawn to. It helps your business image refrain from looking cluttered or messy and helps the important stuff to get across to your audience. In the East, countries such as China, white is seen as the colour of mourning and is associated with death – something to bear in mind if you have business connections in that part of the world!

White is a great colour if you want to show how clean and hygienic your business is – maybe you’re a dentist or a therapist? But ensure you use other colours too to avoid any negative connotations, you need people to feel that they can relax. White is the ultimate in simplicity, very elegant. It’s pure and light and because it’s the full colour spectrum absorbed and then reflected back at you it can also be quite overpowering! White is very demanding and can appear cold, unfriendly, harsh, sterile and dramatic. It’s the colour of perfection, which is quite something to live up to!

So my advice with white would be to use it, but don’t use it exclusively. Consider which colours to use it with and why, use it to keep things looking clean and uncluttered – but only if it’s appropriate.

Do you have white in your branding? What colours do you use it with?

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