Do you struggle to come up with new ideas for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin posts? Do you find you keep posting the same type of content? Finding it a challenge to engage your target market? Keep this handy guide on your desk for whenever you need inspiration!

1) Post videos and images that don’t relate to your product/services directly but have resonance with your audience. Try not to make all your post salesy and remember to engage.

2) If you make things, show people how it’s done. If you provide a service, show how it’s create and delivered.

3) Share an infographic! Find one that relates to your business or make your own using Canva.

4) Share industry news – your audience will start to see you as an expert. Spend some time finding sites relevant to your industry.

5) Post a topical or controversial question. This really engages your audience and can provide other content ideas.

6) Create a tutorial helping your target audience with something. You can use Google Hangouts and share it across all social media platforms.

7) Share a snippet of someone else’s blog post that really resonates with you and a link to that post.

8) If you’ve been working on a blog post, share a preview of it to whet the appetite of your audience and keep them looking out for it.

9) Share tips and tricks to improve the life of your ideal customer. Use Top 5/Top 10 lists.

10) Check your social media analytics and look at which posts have performed the best. Then post more similar content! If it ain’t broke…

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11) Post individual FAQs from your website FAQ page and listen out for more typical questions to keep your page updated.

12) Ask questions! They don’t even need to be controversial. Just engage your audience!

13) Share a Pinterest board – get creative!

14) Share a video testimonial from a loyal client. This is the ultimate social proof!

15) Share an interview with you or an employee – include great pictures!

16) Create a series of posts and schedule them over the course of a week. Get creative, use Canva and share information relevant to your target audience.

17) Share a relevant cartoon or joke, or even a GIF to show your sense of humour. Remember to stay professional on Linkedin (you can be a bit more relaxed on Facebook and Twitter).

18) Create posts about employee events, a team meeting or networking, a fun work activity or even a picture of your lunch! Stay accessible!

19) Do a caption contest! Find some images and invite your audience to caption them! The winner gets a prize/discount!

20) Share follower posts! That’s how to really engage! If they enjoy your product or service – shout about it!

I hope these content ideas are helpful – any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!


Click here to download a pdf of this blog post to print out and refer to whenever you're stuck
Click here to download a pdf of this blog post to print out and refer to whenever you’re stuck

Debbie StokoeDebbie Stokoe is a freelance creative copywriter and social media manager. She founded Social Butterfly Communications with the aim of helping small businesses  to reach their potential, by providing top quality web and print copy, as well as highly creative social media content.

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