Attract customers and sell out your goods

Uploading product photos online won’t boost your profits alone. You need simple yet effective tips for marketing your products online to increase sales this year. With these tips and the right planning and consistency, you can attract customers and sell out your goods.

If you want to boost your product sales online, you can begin by actively engaging with customers, hosting giveaways, showcasing honest reviews, and improving online shopping user experience. What works best may depend on your business, so here are five tips to promote your items and convert them into sales. 

Connect with Past Clients

Active engagement with old clients and prospects is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, and consequently, product sales. If someone bought something from you in the past, there’s a good chance that they’d consider buying from you again. 

Make sure to keep in touch with your clients or create an email list. In this way, you can send messages offering discounted rates or special packages for photography prints, albums, and other novelty items. 

Run Contests or Giveaways

From your current products, see if there’s something you can give away without hurting inventory or sales. Offering freebies is an excellent way to improve people’s perception of your branding, while also introducing your goods as must-have items. 

If you can’t offer a physical product at the moment, you can still shower your audience with freebies by running an online contest. For example, share a special offer with your email list where the first 10 orders get a discount code. 

You can also give free delivery vouchers, loyalty points, or gift cards to your top followers on social media. As long as the perks entice customers to buy your products, you can turn them into marketing solutions and sales conversion.  

Simplify Product Navigation 

Ensure as little visual distractions as possible when marketing products online. While background images, pop-ups, and sidebar widgets have benefits for you as a seller, they shouldn’t distract customers and prevent them from buying your items. 

For websites, put clear tabs indicating where to browse items, how to order, or contact you. Use large product photos that show the details, texture, colors, or other relevant aspects. Additionally, optimize website or social media content for desktop and mobile to provide the best user-friendly shopping experience. 

Optimize Your Bookings and Checkout Processes

Creating a seamless order placement is another subtle marketing way of increasing sales conversation. Remove any steps in the checkout process that can dissuade them from completing orders. When people lose patience in filling out text fields, they may abandon their orders, impacting your sales.  

Aside from that, provide customers with as many payment options as possible. If a prospective client is from overseas, they can’t pay you using cash. Thus, it would be best to set more secure yet convenient channels for buyers to send money. 

Show Proof of Customer Satisfaction

Testimonials from satisfied customers are among the most powerful marketing tools that can help increase your sales. About 91% of consumers think they are more likely to buy a product because of positive reviews

When a buyer makes a purchase, politely ask them to review their experience of using your products. Let your prospective clients see a compilation of genuine product reviews from old customers. You can put them on a pinned post on Facebook or a website’s landing page.


While marketing your products online may feel daunting at first, the right methods can help you in the long run. Begin by applying one or two marketing ways, and eventually, you can use everything we’ve shared to increase your product sales this year. 

Angela Brow, ShootProof

Shootproof provide customizable, online galleries for photographers who want to create an incredible experience for their clients! They also love educating photographers on ways to improve their businesses and shooting techniques.

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