Do you have calls to action on your website? You know, those big buttons that say things like contact me, get in touch, buy now, do this, do that!

I think most of us do in some way, but possibly – a bit like me – they might be a bit subtle. A bit “if you wouldn’t mind just doing this that would be super”, “please can you sign up for this?”, “I have this free thing you can have, if you’re interested, maybe, just pop your email in here and I’ll send it through but it’s OK, I don’t want anything else from you, I can survive on thin air”.

The thing is we are too polite. We are too nervous to say do this and do that. But when someone arrives on your website, that’s exactly what you need to do. Because otherwise how will people know which action to take? You don’t want them to get there and then go off somewhere else without taking action, you need them to do the thing that you want them to do because that’s how you make money.. and you can’t pay your bills and feed your family on nothing.

I’m not saying that you should lose all of your manners, goodness no, that’s not going to be very helpful either – but letting people know in a very obvious way what they should be doing next will help with conversions. Having a really clear call to action will actually HELP people visiting your website because they’ll know what you want them to do. And then they’ll do it.

This is exactly what Gemma is talking about in this video. She recommends using text with a sense of urgency so use words like “buy now”, “join today”, “contact me”, find out more here” so that people have a very obvious action to take and will do it.


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