Went to collect my post today and there was rather a lot of it. Looked something like this:

As well as the obligatory boring things and some lovely sparkly Christmas cards all from particularly nice people, there were three particularly lovely things in my post. The first, an unexpected postcard from John at Jasprint, to say thank you!

Isn’t that lovely? Lately, Jasprint have printed quite a lot of stuff for my client, Northern Experience Wildlife Tours, and have been excellent with print quality, speed, cost and customer service too. They’ve just been rebranded by Tent, and I really like it. Definitely visit the website and marvel at its prettiness – and read the copy which John wrote. I collect postcards, so will be adding this to the collection!

The other two exciting bits of post, were things I was expecting. The first was the Dressing Up book by Mandy Charlton.

This was a great project, which took Mandy six months and nearly 50 shoots to complete. Willing (and sometimes unwilling) volunteers dressed up in what dressing up meant to them and they were photographed in a variety of outdoor locations.
Unsurprisingly, my favourite page is this slightly grumpy pirate:

That’s my daughter. She wasn’t too keen on the sand between her toes, but she looked beautiful!
Here’s a couple of other pages to whet your appetite:

This is the Grow up Green family to the left, and on the right, a photo of a dinosaur. Aw.

You can view the entire book (and BUY IT!) on the Blurb website. you can also find out more about Mandy in the latest issue of NEFollowers Online on page 26 where you can also see the dinosaur again!

These are christmas presents, so if my Mam is reading this, it won’t be much of a surprise. But there’s more too, so that’s OK!

The last piece of exciting post was the 10 years in type collection from the Fontsmith library. Oo. I’d actually forgotten all about this!

Looks good doesn’t it? The pack was a limited edition copy and they’ve all run out now, but you can read all the font stories on the website.

I do like getting good post. Did you get anything good in the post today?

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