I’m only just starting to get my head around Christmas shopping, had a wonderful shopping expedition yesterday in Whitley Bay and Newcastle, so I have finally made some progress! Woo!

In the run up to Christmas there’s such a lot to sort out isn’t there? It’s a very busy time – buying presents, planning menus, decorating, organising accommodation, wrapping gifts, writing cards… the list goes on. We also open advent calendars.

So I thought I’d do my own sort of advent calendar here this year. Every day from today (the 1st) until Christmas Eve, I’ll post an image of some sort which will relate to a Christmas song. All you have to do is comment below it to say what the song is. Names will go into a hat and someone will win a prize, which will be drawn sometime very soon after Christmas. This will be a selection of nice things which hasn’t quite been finalised yet, but so far includes items from Rosewill Cottage, Park View Kitchen and Colin Shelbourn. I’ll post a complete list and a picture once I’ve finished shopping – as I mentioned earlier, I’m still preparing!! (UPDATE Dec 16th – Prize)

One entry per person per song (so you can enter once every day giving you a maximum of 24 chances in the hat)
You can only enter by commenting on the post
Comments must include the name of the song. There will be no extra points for clever info such as who wrote it/ sang it etc… although this sort of thing is very interesting so I won’t complain either!

Happy song guessing!

Here they are so far:

December 1st
December 2nd
December 3rd
December 4th
December 5th
December 6th
December 7th
December 8th
December 9th
December 10th
December 11th
December 12th
December 13th
December 14th
December 15th
December 16th

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