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"Lead by example. Take a leaf out of your own book... what does your business give other people?"

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Flo since I first met her at a networking event (I seem to do a lot of meeting people at networking events!) she’s a lovely, fun, interesting person with a love for sustainable eco slow living and good coffee. She bakes her own bread, grows her own veg and she is known for her warm hands! She really understands the benefits of self care. Flo has a massage every other week, coaching once a month and physio monthly too so she leads by example.

Recently I’ve worked on the new brand visuals for Foster Therapy which will be launching next year. Keep your eyes peeled 😉


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Why not purchase some massage vouchers from Flo for people who need to start the new year as they mean to go on? Flo is based in Northumberland and also visits Leeds and London regularly. If you’re not sure, ask her, she’s really friendly.

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