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"When it comes to working over Christmas, don't let anybody else's expectations or suggestions have an impact on you"

Laura knows everything there is to know about being productive, using your time wisely and reducing overwhelm. She’s great at grabbing a sheet of paper and a highlighter and fixing your problems. She knows how to do a lot of work in a small amount of time and how to work around children – I once kept an eye on her two lovely boys at a networking event so that Laura could share her knowledge as the speaker. Honestly, every time she opens her mouth she is full of great ideas and advice to help you be more productive and feel less frazzled.

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One way Laura can help you is in a one hour 121, £99. She can banish any overwhelm you’re feeling in relation to your business, and give you actions you can immediately take to move you forward in your business. (She really can, I’ve experienced this first hand)

£99 session

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