"Get into your customers heads. If you do this you will write better copy."

I first met Louise when we were both running late to a networking event. I’m good at running late, Louise is much better! It’s funny because we ended up running that networking event together.. it will be restarting in the New Year 🙂 Louise is excellent at writing copy. She cooks up creative copy for businesses so she can help you with your brand voice, your sales page, your website copy, your reports and print copy – anything with words, she is IT. (You can tell she didn’t write this paragraph can’t you?) She did write this, so go check that out! As well as being a word expert, she’s also a Mam, a dog-owner and all round lovely person. She also writes poetry. Check out this video of her reciting a poem she wrote for my tenth business anniversary at the aforementioned networking event! Just brilliant.

You can find Louise on Instagram, Facebook and on LinkedIn

Book a Cup of Copy with Louise to go through a piece of copy you’re struggling with and she’ll add the magic ingredients. £40 for 1 hour. Contact her at louiseheaps@thewordkitchen.co.uk 

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