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"Give your camera lens a good clean and you should see a big difference in the way that your footage looks."

Six and a bit years ago I turned up at a Be Digital event and ended up sitting next to Mark to learn about digital skills. Mark was a great person to sit next to, especially as this was the first time I’d left my fairly new son for a long time so I was quite nervous about that.


Mark knows a LOT about video. Back then his business was all about big snazzy cameras and video production (and I think he still does that too sometimes) but Pocket Video School is about helping YOU to use the camera you might even be holding in your hand right now to promote your business on your website or social. Something we can all do.

Which tip are you gonna implement starting with your next video?

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Mark has a free video training on how to optimise your YouTube channel, which you’re welcome to sign up for via this link,

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