Behind door 7...

I met Morgane a few of years ago at a Live Event in York (run my Rachel who you can find behind door three!) at the time, Morgane was a baby signing coach, helping French parents communicate with their babies. Since then she has been through a journey and now runs GetMoMoMentum, helping women to find the joy in their lives and embrace who they are. She is SO passionate about this and has many methods to help with this as she’s worked on herself and her skills too.

Right now I’m actually working on Morgane’s brand visuals which I’m really excited to share with you when they’re ready! We’re so close 🙂 Eep!

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Check out Morgane’s coaching package:
“Do you want clarity in your business and in life? Do you want to feel more confident? Do you want to feel more yourself? Book a “ Bonjour” Call , to see how I can help you to believe more in yourself, gain focus, increase your motivation and in general to feel happier. The call is free and with no engagement.  Book here:

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