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"Track your money on a daily basis and you will transform how you think and feel about money. "

Rachel is a transformational business coach and mindset expert who works with women who are ready to elevate their business to 5K a month and beyond. Rachel has a club called The 5K Club which I’ve been in for a while now, it’s very supportive, helpful, safe and inspiring in there, I get so much from being a member and highly recommend working with Rachel!

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Check out Rachel on her website:
And on social: Rachel Smith – The Business Grower
Rachel Smith – The Business Grower

Right now Rachel has this amazing course available, the 14 day Five Figure Mindset Course.

It’s £37

Get immediate access to her easy to implement 14 day mindset course that will help you to:

  • Change how you think & feel about money so you earn more
  • Let go of fear and doubt so you start to sell more of your offers and services
  • Increase your belief and confidence so you FEEL fearless in biz & life!!!!
  • Learn the secrets of how to generate consistent months of £5K in your business

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