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"It's really hard sometimes creating photographs for yourself that you're going to be happy with, and selfies can be a really tricky one."

I can’t place the moment I met Rachel (it was a good while ago now) but I’m fairly sure it will have been a networking event. I remember we both had navy spotty jackets. Rachel is a fantastic photographer, she is responsible for the best photographs of me that are kicking around – the big one on the homepage for example which was such a fun photoshoot. She’s brilliant at brand photography and product photography for really interesting small businesses, empowering women to feel confident in themselves and exploring the wilder bits of Northumberland. She’s also 1/3 of the Brand Makery team – Rachel, Louise and I have courses to help you out with your product photography, visuals and copy, check them out here.

I created the RJM Photography visual brand and it really is one that I am SO proud of. Rachel uses it perfectly.

Visit Rachels website here (to admire her brand visuals as well as her impressive photography skills 😉 ) and find her on Instagram here.

Rachel helps small businesses create a big impression with their brand photography. She can create their photography, or teach businesses how to do it themselves.

There is a discount code for Rachels selfie or stock photography courses: Advent25 for 25% off

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