This month there have been A LOT of people needing banners. Here are some of them:

Two of these are for Highlights PR, a brilliant PR company headed by Keith Newman. If you need PR, then Keith is your man! Excellent success rate, and he’s great at finding a good angle and linking his clients together.  Others (including the third one along) are for Northumbria NHS Care Trust, promoting You’re Welcome, making health services more young people friendly, and also promoting the Teenage Health Trust (THS) and another banner for the West End Youth Enquiry Service (WEYES), part of Children North East. These (the NHS, THS and WEYES) were all designed by young people in the same way as the NHS Health Booklets, before I took them further.

Many businesses have needed banners or exhibition materials this year, if you need a banner or exhibition stand then make sure you remember to get it arranged in plenty of time before the event. If you have a specific use for it, such as exhibiting at a trade show, then you will need to think of ways to make your stand, well, stand out, ways to attract people to your stand so you can talk to them and hopefully keep them there soaking up your brand and your business for a while so you can collect their contact information and make sure that they know just how good you are. If you want to look the business, please don’t leave it ’til last minute.

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