Brand Bravery with Rachel McClumpha, RJM Photography

Rachel is a brand photographer who helps creative businesses shine by capturing their gorgeous products, and the behind the scenes of their business process. Transcript When you were eight your granddad gave

Brand Bravery with Kelly Oliver Dougall, Unisus.

Kelly is the founding director of Unisus, a group of companies providing skills, care and wellbeing services to empower people to reach their potential. Kelly started the business following a

Brand Bravery with Lisa Rees

Lisa, also known as Website Wonder Woman, has run her website business since 2015 and her mission is to help women make the most out of their websites to be

What happens when you don’t have good branding?

A good brand is worth having. But what IS a good brand? A good brand is... Recognised Memorable Easy to use Creates confidence Stands out If your brand doesn't do these things, then your brand isn't as

Brand Bravery with Mel Wakely, Video Queen.

Mel Wakely has transformed herself by doing a lot of inner subconscious work she's found her life's purpose and is on a mission to share her value through mirror coaching

Why my brand strategy isn’t working

Do you have a brand strategy that isn't working for you? Maybe it doesn't feel right. Maybe you're not getting the results you were hoping for. Maybe you feel lost. Your Brand Strategy is your guide. It's there to help you reach your goals, to keep you on track, to get you where you want to go, to help you make decisions and keep you focussed. If it's not helping you do those things, then something is wrong.