This morning I was on the “Mailing List Superstar Panel” at the Inspire Network in Newcastle alongside Jayne of Colleagues on Tap and Belinda of Arttia who both know their stuff when it comes to sending emails to your list.

I also made cake 😉

It was a great discussion, so I thought I’d share the gems of knowledge that came out of the conversation.

People wanted to know:

– Which platform to use (I use MailChimp, I love it, it’s easy!)

– How often to send out (it depends on your business – I send monthly newsletters but also send some in between emails if there’s something important to say. Retail businesses may want to send more often)

– When the best time to send is (test, test, test!)

– How to get people to open your emails (You need a good title, “Exciting News” works well, but don’t overuse it)

– How to get people to opt-in (Give them something – a thing, a discount, a reason, an idea of what to expect)

Other points were:
– Make your newsletter look good – consistent branding – you’ll need your logo and you could have some graphics made – if you know your brand colours (which your designer will give you the hex code for) then you can make sure it works for you
– You can link between newsletters, so if you want to refer to something you mentioned in the last newsletter then you can link to it in your email.
– You can add opt-in boxes to Facebook (these are mine: “Free Toolkit” and “Whiteacres’ Notebook“)
– You can add sign up forms to your website (see here for an example)
– You have a massive amount of contacts out there so you don’t have no list to start with! You have connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc… you can ask them if you can add them to your list, post your newsletter in a status update and they can opt-in for more, add your clients… once you start thinking about it you will find that you have a good list to get started with.

Do you have a mailing list?

Post your sign up link in the comments below and tell me why I should join it!

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