ADVENT 19: Quit talking and begin doing

This is Day 19 of the Advent Calendar for 2015. Open more doors here >>

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney
Maybe you know what you want to do. Great! Perhaps you’ve even written a plan to make it happen – even better – but have you started yet?
It’s all very well having a vision but if you keep talking and planning and revising that plan and thinking and researching … Well you’re never going to get started are you? The hardest step and the most important one when you have a plan, is the first one. Getting started is essential otherwise you’re still going to be talking about it this time next year without having made any progress. So when you make your plan add in some dates. It’s ok if your plan – or even your goal – changes a little bit – as long as you are going forward and have actually started then you’re heading somewhere!
As this is a quote from Walt Disney I’m going to use a Disney film as an example. Brave- if you’ve not seen it I apologise. It’s quite good, go watch it.
In Brave, when the Queen becomes a bear, Merida has to get going right away. She has to get her mam out of the castle and once they get to the witches shop she discovers there’s a time limit. No time to sit around catching fish all day, it’s essential to get back to the castle and sort this problem out! She has a goal, a plan and a time limit. She starts right away and they do achieve their goal. If she’d hung around drawing diagrams, googling ideas and trying to think of a better plan there’s no way they’d have accomplished their goal.
She also has another goal not to marry. This also has a time limit and she has to make this plan up as she goes but she does it. She has a goal, a plan and a time limit. She gets to work right away. As above if she’d spent time analysing her plan, chatting about it or trying to find a more appealing possibility she wouldn’t have had success.
If you want to achieve something there’s no point beating about the bush. Be brave, get started. As Walt Disney puts it – begin doing.

In the comments: What are you going to do right now to “begin doing”?

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