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R is for Resonating with your audience: who is your ideal client?

For this session I asked Kelly Cairns, the Tech Angel to join me to talk about how honing in on her ideal client had helped her and how you can find out who yours is. We (I) had tech issues with this one… so Kelly ended up delivering the session in my group solo! Of course she was amazing and provided tons of value.


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Here’s an overview:

Why is it important to nail your ideal client?
It glues everything together. It makes your business so much easier when you nail your ideal client.
How do you work out who yours is?
Kelly started in business 10 years ago by accident when she got bored on maternity leave. She looked for stuff she could do online and became a virtual assistant, wanting to help people and being scared to niche. Kelly struggled with branding because she didn’t know who her ideal clients were. She wanted to help EVERYBODY. She wanted to be like the “big people” and then in April 2017 she was forced to step back from her business due to spine issues and couldn’t do anything because she was in too much pain. Kelly was ready to give up, but had to be there for her autistic son. So this needed to work as a job would make it harder to be there for him. She’d worked so hard and didn’t want to give everything up. Kelly read books, wrote things, soul searched and figured out who she wanted to be and who she loved working with. She put a person in her mind – her ideal client. She described her, the language she uses, what she looks like, the problems she has and how Kelly solves them. This is who Kelly was 10 years ago – knowing nothing and not having the money to get help upfront. Kelly used to spend hours on YouTube and wanted to figure it out. Kelly wanted to plug that gap. Kelly didn’t know who she wanted to talk to until she scaled that down and then everything clicked and she knew how her business should look, what language to use, what messages to put out that would resonate with her soul mate clients, which groups to hang out in.
Map out who they are, give them a name, give them an age, describe them, give them a name and age and go back to your business – who do you want to work with? What are their struggles? How can you help them? This makes your content come to life and attract them.
In the Summer, when Kelly gained complete clarity and knew what she was going to do to solve her ideal clients problem, Kelly put together a challenge to help people create their membership club and told her group what the purpose was and started being visible on Instagram and in certain groups where her soul clients were hanging out.
In August she had about 100 people in her group with zero engagement and now she has over 900 people and it’s super engaging. Because she knew who her ideal client was. Her email list tripled. Her income has tripled by 1000%. All because she knows who her soulmate client is.
Step away and then get complete clarity of who you are, who your clients are and how you can help them. Then do it!
Then what do you do?!
It’s OK to niche right down. Don’t worry about alienating others. Focus on your ideal client  and your marketing message will be easier. Everything will stop looking muddled. Think about where your ideal clients hang out – think outside the box, then interact and let them know you’re there.






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