This is EVERYTHING you need for your brand for 12 whole months.

Your BIG Brand Adventure!

The strategy. The visuals. The launch. The templates. The ongoing support.

You know that a successful brand is more than the visuals - your logo is part of that, and your visuals make a big difference to the success of your brand - but there's more to it.
Branding is crucial for your business success. It isn't just about knocking up a quick logo and plastering it on everything. You know this. That's why you're here. It's about communicating your key messages through strong visuals with strategy and action so that your audience has positive associations with your business.

Branding is about doing. It starts on the inside and helps to influence the way that others see, think, feel and remember your business. You've probably already given it a lot of thought and have some of the answers - but it's not your zone of genius so you are ready to seek help and go on a Big Brand Adventure to get clear on what your brand IS and ensure it permeates every aspect of your business, with support to keep you on track.

This isn't about spending hours every week changing things. You don't have time for that! It's about ensuring you know what your brand is all about, keeping that in the forefront of your mind, checking in with your brand foundations regularly - and receiving feedback and ideas to strengthen your brand at different touch points. It's minor adjustments in thinking, not major shifts, plus a fantabulous visual brand that conveys how awesome you are to all who see it.

This is a whole year of 121 brand strategy and design support.

12 whole months where you don't have to worry about your brand because that's not your problem.

12 months, 220+ social graphics, quarterly 121 sessions - and a visual brand that not only lights YOU up, but that rocks the socks off your ideal customer so they choose you.

Are you ready for a BIG Brand Adventure?

This includes creating a full brand system and launch support and design, 20 social media graphics each month for whichever platforms you use and four 121 sessions to help you keep on track with your strategy and actions, to help you build your brand and to ensure that your monthly graphics are just what you need to help you move forwards with your goals.

There are two awesome bonuses for you too.

"I met with Amy and had a very in-depth meeting with her to discuss getting my logo designed by her. It is an amazing logo that is really striking and recognisable. I then asked Amy to produce all my branding and I now have social media templates, icons, backgrounds all sorts that help me project a professional and consistent brand presence. I could not be happier with the results. And I know that should I ever need anything adding Amy will come up trumps."

Moira Barnes, Sales Consultant

Your BIG Brand Strategy

Your brand starts with a strategy. In order to fully understand and stay true to your brand you need to know what that is. 

Getting clear on your brand helps everything else fall into place. 

When you're struggling with what to post.. gone!

When you're confused about the benefits your business offers..  replaced with clarity.

That feeling of struggle when you don't know who you're talking to.. transformed into certainty.

This includes:

A two hour Clarity Conversation to figure your brand out together.

A Strategy Document that you can refer to which will highlight the essential aspects of your brand.

A One Page Strategy Sheet for speedy reference to help you stay on track.

This will be your map to help you navigate your business with more intention and implement your brand in every moment.

Your strategy document will clarify essential aspects of your brand such as your values, vision and mission, who your ideal customers are, how you help them, your goals, competitor analysis, position and strategies.

There will also be recommendations of tactics to help you strengthen and communicate your brand through your business activity while you are reaching your goals - because your brand is not just your visuals, but also your behaviour.

2 hour consultation over zoom/ in person
Situation analysis
Competitor analysis
Perfect Customer Profile
Benefit Statements
Brand Strategy Document
At-a-glance  One Page Brand Strategy Sheet
60 days of virtual support after delivery

Your BIG Brand Visuals

Brand visuals are the first things that your audience will see of your business. Getting them right matters. Creating a visual system to effectively communicate what your business is all about and what you stand for in a way that attracts your ideal client will place you front of mind so that when they need you, they know exactly where to go. 

How does this work?

When you receive your strategy document you will see that there's a section on visuals which will give you an indication of what to expect - ideas rooted in strategy. Once you've approved your strategy you'll receive two brand visuals concepts to choose from. All you have to do is check your emails and give feedback. Leave the rest to me.

Your Brilliant Brand Visuals will include:

Your logosub-marks and sub-brands in a variety of formats so that you have everything you will ever need.  (If this is all you need then get the Brand Adventure)

These will be developed based on your brand strategy to ensure that they are as relevant, effective and brand-centric as possible. They're not JUST about looking beautiful (which they will be) they're about communicating and encompassing YOUR brand fully. 

You'll also receive: 

library of imagery -patternssymbols and/or illustrations.  

A style guide to show you the fonts and colours and visual elements you can use. 

Canva templates to enable you to create your own consistent graphics.

When we have finished working together you'll also be able to reuse, repurpose, recycle, tweak, adapt and keep the magic of brand consistency going using these templates. You'll go from a brand that you're not wild about, that doesn't light you up  and that you don't feel proud of to a brand that fully encompasses your business because it's based on strategy, intention and purpose - and is easy to use! Yesssss!

Your logo and sub-marks provided in various colour ways suitable for print and web use - eps, transparent png, jpeg, pdf and svg.
Your profile and covers for your social media platforms
Icons / symbols / illustrations a minimum of 10 in all brand colours
A minimum of 10 x social media templates for Canva 
Brand Guide so you have your key brand information, colours and fonts to hand
File types information sheet
Video explaining your files
Video explaining how to use your templates in Canva

Your BIG Brand Launch Plan and Graphics

We'll have a planning session together to discuss how you're gonna share your new brand visuals with the world. This will be entirely unique to your business and will require different visuals depending on how you choose to go ahead. I will create whatever launch graphics you need for this to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Your Monthly Social Graphics

Content is a huge part of your brand. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with your audience. Regardless of how you create your social, wether your plan it carefully or create on the hoof, for 11 months during the time we're working together I will create 20 social media graphics for you each month for each platform that you use. By the end of the year you will have 220+ templates* that you'll be able to use again and again, as well as any graphics created for these being added to your visual library, This will enable you to show up consistently, repeatedly and easily which will help your audience to remember, recognise and refer you online during this year and beyond.

Don't need social media graphics? Use this for something else.

* per platform

Let's have a chat about your BIG Brand Adventure. Get in touch.

Your Quarterly 121s

Over the year, you can access me for quarterly 121s. These can be used for strategy and planning social graphics, content planning, sorting our any worries that you have, and keeping your brand on track with brand planning so that your brand grows stronger and stronger. These sessions will help you to ensure that your brand is implemented into all of your plans for the year, because a strong brand helps you gain clarity, connection, confidence and clients. We'll work together to make sure that you're on track with your brand and I'll always be on hand to help with any of your brand queries.

You'll also get messenger or email support Monday - Friday for those wobbly moments. When you're struggling with Canva or having a content crisis, or just want to run something by someone else. Like having a designer in your pocket for those emergency moments!

12 x payments of £583 per month
Or pay in full £7000.

Fancy a chat about your Big Brand Adventure?
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First payment required prior to work beginning. Payments collected monthly by Direct Debit. 

Bonuses! (yey!)

£500 Design Credit

This can be used within the year on top of the brand system, stationery, launch and social graphics. You could use it for something big like a brochure or a website (design only) or for a mix of smaller things such as an ebook template, banner, postcard, leaflet ...

One years membership to the Brand Success Club (value £444)

This is my membership to help you build, grow and show off your brand. Join weekly group Office Hours, quarterly group planning sessions and the newspaper "The Explorer", as well as accessing the content library.

Let's have a chat about your BIG Brand Adventure. Get in touch.

"Amy offers a amazing service, she doesn’t just give you your logo and send you out in to the wilderness to grow.. she helps you realise your brand, builds your confidence and nurtures you as you grow from seed to a plant with great roots that anchor your business from the start."

Hannah Hubb, Pop & Flo

Hello! I'm Amy and branding is totally my thing. 

Over time, I’ve come to realise, that not everyone finds branding easy. In fact, lots of business owners feel a bit lost in the woods with it all.

I love, love, LOVE helping business owners (like you) to create a pioneering brand that you can be proud of. (And that your ideal customers/clients will love and connect with too!)

For me, creating a brand is an adventure.

It’s fun and exciting. So…
- I want you to feel like that too.
- I want to give you the oomph to build, grow & show-off your brand.
- You can make your brand a big success.

But to get there, there’s a whole journey of discovery. Let's go on a Brilliant Brand Adventure, together.

Fancy a chat about your BIG Brand Adventure?
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Email me or call me 07731582379

"Amy has been amazing at helping me to get my idea out of my head and into reality. I thought I needed a logo!!! Wow! little did I know that our discussions would turn out to be the brand that we have created together. I am so proud to be able to create a campaign with the tools Amy has given me. I have been a technical nightmare but she is always supportive and patient with me. Thank you"

Claire Louise Owen, The Soberholic

Only need a 6 month commitment?
It's £5250 or 6 x £875. Same Brand System, 6 months social and 121 support, halve the bonuses. Let's chat.