Let's do better #BlackLivesMatter

I’ve read, listened and learnt so much this week. I’ve been taking in a lot of information. I am challenged. Are you?

I’m sad that it takes the murder of another black person to get this conversation flowing. I’m saddened at many of the things I’ve read. Things written by those who are suffering – and by those who aren’t. Shocked at the words I’ve seen other people say, by the white privilege which of course I have too, by those wanting others to shut up and move on.

On #BlackOutTuesday I posted my black square on Instagram, then I turned to my children and gave them a crash course on racism and on why it happens – using what I already knew. That wasn’t enough.

So I added a post on a few different social media platforms for those of us who need to know more to add links to. I’ll add some here too. Add your own in the comments. Go learn. I emailed this out to my list (and the response was good 🙂 )

It’s still not enough, but it’s a start and certainly where many of us are.

To go further, you can check out a whole load of charities to donate to right here on this post at Nomipalony which also includes other things you can do too – such as writing to your MP.

You could also do a course. I haven’t looked into this yet, I’m gonna do a school one on Seneca with my daughter this week (part of her home learning) and then take it from there.

Here’s a list of useful links to educate yourself on racism and white privilege.

The Northumberland Forager on Instagram. Start with THIS post and work your way up.

Podcast. A conversation with Dr Rick Bowler (and his daughter Beth) about race and racism.

Health Matters on SpiceFM with Shamshad Shah and Steph Edusei – and their guests.

Sojourners: For our white friends desiring to be allies, by Courtney Ariel.

I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy (Part One) – by Layla F Saad. (this lady also has a book you might want to read. I haven’t read it (yet) but it sounds worth reading.)

Here’s a video on Facebook from The Uncaged Life: a conversation around being a true ally in your business both online and off with Jocelyn J. Kopac

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