Keep marketing.

Have you seen the news about the government wanting us to cut our marketing and our prices? The idea is that businesses cut “their prices for consumers using money they would otherwise use on marketing.” “The BBC has been told businesses will be encouraged to join the campaign by introducing price-cutting measures, and in exchange…

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Why should you step out of your comfort zone?

Go in with your toes and build up your confidence.

I don’t know if I can swim. Since learning to swim as a child, I didn’t go to a swimming pool until I had children of my own. You don’t have to swim if you have a child in your arms and you’re not going in the deep end. You can totally get away with…

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It’s all in the preparation

It's all in the preparation

One of the things we love to do is spend the day in the woods. There’s a fortnightly event that we go to now (we’re on our third visit, I don’t think we’re gonna miss many of them) and my son loves it. He’s in the woods, he has space to move about, he has…

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You have a business to run. Perfect is overrated.

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In my DMs this week, someone had watched my 12 Steps to Brand Success Masterclass (shout if you want the link) and said that she needed to work on how she presents her brand – so that she’d know how to speak about herself and have confidence in her brand. This is EXACTLY what working…

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The more we grow the more we can do.

Tomorrow I’m opening the doors to Love Your Brand. I have worried about this. Is it insensitive to spend this week posting all my cheery enthusiastic sales posts, considering what’s going on in the world and how much I care about that? 🙁 But! I have done a lot of thinking, reading and worrying and…

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Why do you need to love your brand?

A lot of what I read and hear about branding is about how important it is to help you attract your ideal customer – and it is, that’s the whole point – to build an impression that gets your ideal customer thinking, feeling and saying truths about your business because of what you’ve done to…

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Find your screen wash, and clean up your brand.

I’d run out of screen wash.  It didn’t matter how much the wipers went back and forth, they weren’t clearing the windscreen, they were just making the problem worse. You know how they just keep spreading the mess about so you can’t see properly. I had to pull over. Open the bonnet. Find the screen…

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What’s the point of brand consistency?

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Aside from making your life easier, saving you time and removing decision making from your day-to-day – what’s the point of being consistent? Having a consistent brand is about repeating the same things over and over again. It’s about showing up in the same way over and over again so that people know who you are. Things…

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Do you love your brand?

Do you love your brand?  I hope you can say yes. When you Love Your Brand you gain clarity. Clarity in what your brand is. What matters. What you stand for. Who you want to speak to. What you need to do next. What your goals are. Why what you do matters. How you want…

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Your brand should last.

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The sole on my previous walking boots had been falling apart for at least six months, bits of rubber peeling off the bottom after each wear. The lasted two years despite the fact that they were an emergency last-minute cheapest-available-just-incase purchase (£15!) but it was time to replace them with something much better. So I…

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