Advent Top Tip with Amy Purdie, Brand Explorer.

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Your brand is all about making decisions and sticking to them. That’s all it is. Determining and deciding what you’re all about – and sticking to that. Determining and deciding how that looks – and sticking to that. Determining and deciding what your goals are – and sticking to those. It’s so easy. So why…

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Advent Top Tip with Flo Foster, Foster Therapy.

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I’ve enjoyed getting to know Flo since I first met her at a networking event (I seem to do a lot of meeting people at networking events!) she’s a lovely, fun, interesting person with a love for sustainable eco slow living and good coffee. She bakes her own bread, grows her own veg and she…

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Advent Top Tip with Lara Mellor, Lara Mellor Training & Consultancy.

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Lara is a Microsoft expert – any training you need in Microsoft she’s there to help take the mystery out of it. I’m not a heavy Microsoft user myself, but even I find her blog useful and have picked up some great tips. I do use Outlook and Lara’s just written a handy post about…

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Advent Top Tip with Louise Heaps, The Word Kitchen

I first met Louise when we were both running late to a networking event. I’m good at running late, Louise is much better! It’s funny because we ended up running that networking event together.. it will be restarting in the New Year 🙂 Louise is excellent at writing copy. She cooks up creative copy for…

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Advent Top Tip with Helen Johnson, Remix Marketing

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Download the free guide. I met Helen recently through the MINT Business Club so we met up to chat about what we do over coffee and a sweet mince pie. Helen is an expert at ads for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. She can talk about things like Return on Ad Spend and Click Through Rate…

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Advent Top Tip with Rachel McClumpha, RJM Photography

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I can’t place the moment I met Rachel (it was a good while ago now) but I’m fairly sure it will have been a networking event. I remember we both had navy spotty jackets. Rachel is a fantastic photographer, she is responsible for the best photographs of me that are kicking around – the big…

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Advent top tip with Amy Purdie, Brand Explorer.

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Your brand values are SO worth knowing. Figure them out. Write them down and keep them in mind whenever you need to make a decision about anything. Are you struggling to sell your stuff online?Do you need to look more professional? Be more trusted? Make more sales?Has this Quarter been good but not as good as you know…

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Advent Top Tip with Mark Orr, Pocket Video School

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Six and a bit years ago I turned up at a Be Digital event and ended up sitting next to Mark to learn about digital skills. Mark was a great person to sit next to, especially as this was the first time I’d left my fairly new son for a long time so I was…

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Advent Top Tip with Nicola Little, MINT Business Club

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Nicola is one of those people who is full of passion and pride. She always has your back, she genuinely cares about you and your business – every single person I’ve seen her speak to, she knows their story, she’s there to support them, she’s looking for ways to be more helpful and she brings…

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Advent Top Tip with Jackie Latham, Jackdaw Web Design

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Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a really excellent website person who communicates brilliantly, creates a website that just works, does a fantastic job with the designs I create (as you can imagine, I am fussy about this but Jackie just does it!), is fun, likeable and easy to speak…

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