Your Brand Adventure.

Your Brand Adventure doesn't just give you the strategy or just the visuals or just the content ideas - this is a complete package that covers all these bases so your brand can really take you places and you get support while you're implementing it.

Your brand is about what others think, feel, know and see about your business - which is affected by your brand behaviour - and your Brand Behaviour is what will get your brand noticed and known.

This is exciting stuff because it means that you will find it easier to be more purposeful and intentional in your business as a result of working on your brand.

You'll be so much more confident - I like to call this Brand Bravery. Confident in your offer. Confident in what you stand for. Confident in what you know. Confident to show up, whenever you need to in whatever way you need to - so that you can share what you do with the world and stop missing out on opportunities that are just waiting for you.

This confidence comes from being clear on what you do and how it benefits others - as well as being fully certain about who those people are who you want to be selling to in your business.

You'll have a dream that you're excited about. Something  wonderful to work towards and give you motivation to do what has to be done on the way. This will give you the oomph to keep you going and to plan out your next steps authentically and intentionally.

Your strategy document will empower you to make the right decisions and to implement suggestions. And your snazzy new brand system will give you the tools you need to share your brand visually. You'll have a new logo, submarks, a toolkit of illustrations/icons, patterns, fonts and colours which all stem from your brand strategy to showcase what your brand is all about to the right people in the best way.

You'll also have a load of ideas for content creation and  templates so that you can keep your visuals consistent in the future while you're putting this into the world!

You'll also have so much support to put this into action. I'm right here ready for any questions you have.

Your Brand Adventure gives you the clarity and the tangible elements which empower you to understand your brand, use it with ease and help you - and others - to fall more in love with your business.

Are you ready for your Brand Adventure?

This includes creating a brand strategy with a full visual brand system and launch support and design, 30 days of virtual support to help you with implementation and ideas for content creation.

6 x payments of £583 per month
Or pay in full £3500.

I am overwhelmed -it's perfect. Everything is incorporated.. the colours, the shapes, the font , the research about daisies … it is ME . Absolutely perfect. Thank youuuu so much You are soooo talented . I have to see you again to tell you in person xx

Clare Walton, Annie & Me

Your Brand Strategy

Your brand starts with a strategy. In order to fully understand and stay true to your brand you need to know what it is. Getting clear on your brand helps everything else fall into place. 

We'll have a two hour Clarity Conversation to figure your brand out together and you'll end up with a strategy document that you can refer to which will highlight the essential aspects of your brand and give you suggestions for implementation - and a referral sheet for speedy reference to help you stay on track.  This will be your map to help you navigate your business with more intention and implement your brand in every moment.

This will include essential aspects of your brand such as your values and personality, vision and mission, who your ideal customers are, how you help them, your goals, competiton, position and touchpoints. 

There will also be recommendations to help you strengthen and communicate your brand through your business activity - because your brand is not just your visuals, but also your behaviour.

Your Visuals

Brand visuals are the first things that your audience will see of your business. Getting them right matters. Creating a visual system to effectively communicate what your business is all about and what you stand for in a way that attracts your ideal client will place you front of mind so that when they need you, they know exactly where to go. 

Your Brand System will include your logo, sub-marks and sub-brands in a variety of formats so that you have everything you will ever need. You'll also receive a vast library of imagery - patterns, symbols and illustrations - which we will add to over the course of the year.  You'll also receive a style guide to show the fonts and colours you need to use, a stationery pack (business card, letterhead, compliment slip) and Canva templates so you can create your own graphics if you have a sudden idea and need to implement it rightnowthisverymoment.  When we have finished working together you'll also be able to reuse, repurpose, recycle, tweak, adapt and keep the magic of brand consistency going using these templates. 

Your logo and sub marks provided in various colour ways suitable for print and web use - eps, transparent png, jpeg and pdf

Your profile and covers for your social media platforms
Icons / symbols / illustrations up to 25 in all brand colours
10 x social media templates for Canva (that's  per platform)
Brand Guide so you have your key brand information, colours and fonts to hand
Stationery pack - business card, letterhead and compliment slip
File types information sheet
Video explaining your files
Video explaining how to use your templates in Canva

Launch Plan and Graphics

We'll have a planning session together to discuss how you're gonna share your new brand visuals with the world. This will be entirely unique to your business and will require different visuals depending on how you choose to go ahead. I will create whatever launch  graphics you need for this to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible. 

Content Marketing

Content is a huge part of your brand. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with your audience. We'll have a content planning session to help you come up with ideas for the next three months across your blog and social media, with an overall plan for the year, 20 specific social graphics for these posts created for you (in Canva so you can reuse them) AND 30 days of virtual support to implement this plan and help you with any struggles that you have.

6 x payments of £583 per month
Or pay in full £3500.

First payment required prior to work beginning. Payments collected monthly by Direct Debit. 

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"Amy's work is professional and high quality from start to finish. The process is smooth and Amy kept me informed the whole time. Amy asked the right questions to ensure we got the brand exactly right. I would highly recommend Amy and her work. It has made a massive difference to our visibility and success."

Kelly Oliver Dougal, Unisus

Hello! I'm Amy and branding is totally my thing. 

Over time, I’ve come to realise, that not everyone finds branding easy. In fact, lots of business owners feel a bit lost in the woods with it all.

I love, love, LOVE helping business owners (like you) to create a pioneering brand that you can be proud of. (And that your ideal customers/clients will love and connect with too!)

For me, creating a brand is an adventure.

It’s fun and exciting. So…
- I want you to feel like that too.
- I want to give you the oomph to build, grow & show-off your brand.
- You can make your brand a big success.

But to get there, there’s a whole journey of discovery. Let's go on a Big Brand Adventure, together.

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