Morgane Westley empowers overwhelmed working mums to bring back balance into their life and increase their self confidence so they can live a stress-free life and be their own cheerleader.


Would you like to tell us how you got started with Getmomomentum?

When Getmomentum started it was about helping people to be more visible. To have the confidence because before that I had another online business where I had no problem to show myself on social media, to go live, to do all of that – and and a lot of people have come and asked me for help but then I realised that what people wanted was not so much for me to help them with their confidence, but actually to give them tips on how to be very good at social media – and despite the fact that I was not afraid to go on social media it’s never been my passion.

I’d seen someone mentioning coaching and that had a big shift in me – something inside me changed – and I realised that is what I want to do, because I don’t want to help people to know how to build the algorithm of Facebook, I want to be able to give them the confidence to actually go live on social media and the confidence to show for their business. So not only actually the social media part but everything to do with confidence. So I trained as a coach because with my previous business I had coaching done on me, and I went to see that coach because I wanted help with my business, but actually this coach mainly helped me personally to grow as a person. And it really that happened just in 2020 so it really helped me to have a different lockdown than I would have had if I was staying where I was before having that coach. I wanted to help women in the same kind of way and so when this opportunity of coaching on training to become a coach was made available – I just jumped for it and even though Getmomomentum had already started to help people to get more confident on visibility, I didn’t really know how to do that as a coach and that’s really where Getmomomentum the coaching business that I have now was born.

So that putting those two bits together – I love that you saw an opportunity and jumped on it and that’s like that step to bravery when you realised those things that you needed that were going to help you to do what you wanted to do.

So you got started with coaching, it was about with helping people love themselves wasn’t it, for who they were. That was at the beginning and I think it’s transitioned a bit hasn’t it?

I really like the way you approached it, because you actually asked me what my business was all about. And it was actually because, as a coach you can coach anybody on anything, you don’t need to have an expert subject but to really continue on who I wanted to have, because it’s coming to that point and who I wanted to have and who I was passionate about – that was quite brave. And to feel that I was ready to sit down and actually agree on that, it was quite a brave moment.

I suppose from that is building my website and because things keep changing like I say, I bring the therapeutic coaching now into my practice as well. My website had always been a bit like something was missing but now that I know exactly how I want to bring the therapeutic coaching – I’m building it. I’m in the process of building it with some amazing designs that you have done so – it should look good.

It will look good I’m sure it will.

That’s really interesting to me about a feeling to feel brave and ready to agree on what your business is all about, to work with me – because actually that is really important isn’t it, that decisiveness? You’ve got to say “this is what I’m all about” and this is who my ideal customer is and making decisions on what your values are and all of those kind of things it’s quite difficult, but once you’ve done it, do you find that that’s quite freeing and it makes things a bit easier?

It does and for a practical point of view as well to have a brand, meaning that you don’t have to think about how to present yourself it can make a lot of things easier, much easier and also your messages coming quite easy as well, because you have done so much of looking and agreeing on what you want to say to people, that you’re messaging online or offline is becoming much easier.

That’s great, because I think there’s a lot of steps that you go through isn’t there when you set up a business, then obviously as you continue with it it’s always new things to do and new things to have to learn and discover – and comfort zones to push out of and I guess that is that is one of those steps. Building a website is one of those steps if it’s something you don’t really know how to do it, it can be quite complicated so there’s a lot a lot of stuff to push through but I’m really glad that your website is nearly there I’m looking forward to seeing it.

I’m not saying it’s nearly there – I say I’ve started it! I’ve started it. It’s closer than it was to me five minutes ago hopefully, hopefully – it’s also not something I enjoy doing like I enjoy doing things and looking for pictures and doing this kind of thing but the tech side of it is not my thing.

In terms of the bravery part of things when it comes to growing your business there’s other aspects as well that some people – I think you you probably won’t find these as hard from what you’ve been saying so far like networking and all that kind of stuff and coming live and doing videos that’s like that’s easy – so for you it’s more like the tech stuff is the brave stuff.

I really don’t enjoy the tech stuff. Nothing says I can’t be great at it, I just don’t enjoy it and because I don’t understand it, I just don’t want to do it and I don’t want to learn about it. I don’t mind learning about coaching or psychology or all this kind of thing but learning about how to integrate blogging into my website that’s not something I’m interested in.

Yeah so it must be so so fascinating all the different things that you’ve been training in to do even more with Getmomomentum – and that must have like pushed you further and made the decisions change, maybe it’s with every training you’ve tweaked things?

So yes and no because I’m a coach, sometimes that is what I like doing, the type of coaching I’ve done since the beginning is quite similar. I’m just pushing it, pushing it. pushing it. pushing it. so yes in one way, defined a bit. How I’m doing it, who I’m doing it to and on which subjects – still seems to be very very similar to what we had the discussion about when I did my branding, despite the fact that since then I have done a lot more training – in Neuroscience as well, because it’s important for me to understand how a brain works because as a coach you work with peoples brains, you work with the way they think feel and behave so it’s important to understand how everything works. So it helped me to be better and and maybe get my client to get a quicker answer or different solution if you want but in terms of what I’m passionate about that I’ve not changed.

yeah well that’s great because that means you made really good proper decisions at the beginning and that’s what you want, because it’s supposed to grow with you, not need to be tweaked every two minutes. So, when you are helping your clients what sort of things do you help them with?

It’s different again who I’m helping, so if I’m helping a working mom is often about time management, feeling that is what they come to see me about – they don’t have enough time to do everything that they want to do during the day, they struggle to manage their work life and their family life, they struggle to come home and have the energy that they want to have to have a good evening with their kids – and I’m helping them to create a system or to understand the way they work so they can bring this energy and can create new habits so they can enjoy their life and create a balance that they want to see between their career, ambition, and their family life. When I mean family life – is a balanced life all together because I hate the world work life balance, almost like you have work and you have your life here now. It’s a circle, is everything together. I help a lot of people with confidence as well and to be either new coaches that want to bring a coaching business or entrepreneur that wants more confidence into their work and I’m starting something new actually a few weeks ago where is actually an employer asked me to coach one of the employees for confidence to help them to bring more confidence. They are very competent, but they don’t believe in their self you know, to show their confidence so this is a new way of working for me where the boss employ me to teach someone – not teach – to coach someone from that scene and I’m helping as well through therapeutic coaching to remove any deep down limiting beliefs so for example “I’m not good enough” or things that may trigger you – a relationship that is not working – to to go more in depth.

Fantastic, that must have such an impact on the people that you’re working with. You talked about time management and I’m sitting here like “strong relate” – it’s so hard to balance those things, but to think about confidence as well and the impact of increasing confidence in it that people can have on their life so it’s not just like your employee at work – that will spill into everything that they do won’t it?

Exactly, and and I think often when when I speak to people about the work I’m doing people think of the therapeutic coaching bringing a lot of transformation – and it does, but not everybody is ready to have therapeutic coaching, and some people want help with their time management and that is the working mom. I love helping them because that was me five, six years ago when I was feeling very, very low when I had this coach to help me with my business, that actually helped me personally where I was feeling very low, frustrated that I didn’t manage to be successful in what I wanted to do. But also to be the mom I wanted to be with for my kids because I was in myself always angry, always frustrated, always overwhelmed, always stressed and didn’t have any time for anything including myself. So it was a curve that kept going down, and I think if I didn’t have that coach at the time I would probably not be here. I probably would have had a burnout or maybe even if something worse I don’t know, I was into the path going down and the effect that just speaking to someone about time could have a massive effect as well. If there is someone that is really feeling the overwhelm of being a mom that is working and that is very hard – and there’s a quote I can’t remember who said it I love, we ask us to be mother like if we don’t work and we ask us to work like if we don’t have any kids.

Unfortunately that’s quite similar for many women isn’t it, so that’s great that they can get help – and that shows the power of coaching as well because I look at you now when you’re like the epitomy of calm you know, I know you have just had the school holidays so maybe you’re still recovering from like a basking in the joy of not having to get up and do the school run!

I don’t know, because the kids actually love going to school and they woke late this morning but during the school holiday I don’t know why they do that, the kids they wake up far earlier during the holidays than during the school time, so this morning I have to go and shake them up to get them off the bed when yesterday everybody was got up before seven and I’m like why, why?

I don’t know it’s the same here, it’s ridiculous!

It’s really lovely to hear that about the therapeutic coaching and all the other things that you’ve been learning to get you to where you are now and I think that’s really interesting. I also think it’s really interesting that you started your business in one country and now you’re in a different one and how that must have been quite hard, through through the move part of that in particular – can you tell me a bit about that?

Yes – so thank you for internet and the fact that I can still work with exactly the same clients that I was working with before. I can still have exactly the same interaction that I was having before and that is one of the reason why I wanted to have an online business, is because my husbands work make us move quite regularly and we are likely to move again in a couple of years. So for me to have a business that is mobile so I can keep my family together was very important. I would say the most tricky part is managing the time difference and the number of times – and thank God France is an hour ahead – the number of times I come before the meeting is actually happening, it happened to me almost every especially I do have a few coaching session on Saturday morning and I don’t know why it’s a Saturday morning is a one that I always turn up an hour earlier – which is good because by then my husband taking the kids to the park so I have an hour for myself in the house – the most the trickiest part to do is to manage a time difference. I don’t work with Australia or America much so it’s just with the UK.

But that’s something that we can all cope with due to the wonders as I can see on the internet, so that’s really handy! So you’re going to share a tip with us so do you want to tell us what you’ve got for us?

Yes I think the tip I have to want to share with you is – work on yourself. The importance of working on yourself, because it’s only when you start to understand yourself and the way you walk, the way you think, feel and behave, that you will be able to move forward – because we all have a mechanism that keeps a stock, that keep us in this comfort zone that we have. The problem when you want to have a business, or when you have a business and you want to expand is that you need to get out of this comfort zone and you cannot get out of this comfort zone without working on yourself and understanding yourself better. Start starting to believe in yourself and your ability to create, so if I go back to my working mom, the ability to thrive professionally and personally is possible – but first you need to work on yourself.

Great. I think I think we’ve covered that quite well in the podcast as well didn’t we yeah you were talking about self-care and that matters so much so that’s an excellent, excellent tip. So if people want to know more about you and how they can get to work with you or to discover more about you where should they go until your website’s ready?

So just in case my website is live when you listen it will be and it is Amy that helped me to find the name by the way

And your husband!

And my husband, it was a journey between the two of you – Getmomomentum is my nickname MoMo and mentum and and the same on Facebook – my Facebook page is Getmomomentum and if you are a working mom I have a free Facebook group where I share tips and how to mom working mom to refuel and get the support that they need with any struggle that that they have. So this week for example we’ll be speaking about time management but last week we spoke about gratitude, the week before we spoke about exhaustion, and the way we run the the group is that we have regular group session as well so it’s not only on Facebook we meet every two, three weeks depending of the timing on a zoom call as well to check in with each other and to see how we are getting on so that is a busy Facebook group and it’s called The Mums Retreat that you can find on Facebook and I’m on Instagram for some reason I’m one of the different and they need to do something better for my brand here but it’s @Morgane.Westley

Brilliant. I’ll put all of those links in the show notes as well so it’ll be dead easy for everyone to go and find this I’m in that group and it’s very very busy with all these mums who need some support isn’t it so yes okay thank you very much Morgan I’ve really enjoyed this conversation it’s been really lovely to catch up with you and find out how your business has been going and how your brand has developed since working together

Thank you very much for having me Amy and thank you for the amazing design you did for my brand as well

Oh thank you no problem!

Find Morgane. Her website, Facebook, The Mums’ Retreat and Instagram.

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