Photo of Amy (she/her) wearing a blue floaty kaftan sitting in front of a cream coloured canvas bell tent. Words read: So you need a brand review?

The Go Outdoors catalogue landed on our doormat. It’s full of tents and a call to go and make the most of sunny days! (I really hope we get sunny days when we do go camping)

We don’t need a new tent. If you know me you’ll know that we have a bell tent called Beryl who is my pride and joy. She’s got plenty more trips left in her.

Once you get past the tents that we don’t need it gets more exciting. The kids got new snazzy sleeping bags for Christmas which haven’t been slept in yet, so we’re good there. I take a duvet, I like comfort. I bought new chairs earlier this year which I can’t wait to sit in! I’m happy with our squishy coolbag, no need for a fancy cool box. Then there’s shorts and waterproofs and boots and the most tempting item is on the back cover – a Cadac Safari chef – but as I love cooking over a fire with our dutch oven I think we’re ok..

You see, we are all set. We have everything we need. Except that over Covid when we weren’t going into shops I know I took out some important things from our camping supplies to replace things that broke.. a potato peeler, a wooden spatula, matches, wooden skewers.. we had the bunting up for a while so I hope I put it back. I think I pinched the hot water bottles. I need to check.

So even though we are mostly prepared to move everything from the cupboard to the car, there’s some essentials that should just be there which I’ll need to check on before we leave.

This is what happens with your brand too. You have it all ready to go, the whole kit is there, you’ve considered your position, your audience and your values. You know what you offer and how it helps. You’ve sorted out your brand style and you have a strategy document that helps you focus on your brand.. but at some point over the last year you dropped a value and you stopped thinking about that connection point even though you know it works.. you ditched that green and you’re not as focussed on your messaging.

Maybe you need to review where you’re at and see what’s changed, what’s been removed, what’s been added?
We all need to check our kit from time to time and put things back, take things away or add to it.

Keeping your brand strong. Making the experience as perfect as possible.

If you’d like to review your brand then there are two worksheets in the files section in my group. Click here. Go and work through them and see what you feel need to tweak when you’re done 🙂

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