The other week I completed a Brand Review with a lovely lady talking about her very purple business and how she could create a more consistent, compelling and client attractive image across all of her social media platforms, her website and in her printed materials – especially as she was looking to niche – so would need to appeal to a new and specific ideal client.

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the process but I also felt that I’d been able to provide many tips and suggestions which she could implement herself.



Because of this I’ve decided to offer brand reviews as a new service. I might give it an interesting name later, but I’m going to test it out first!

We’ll look at all of the visual things you have in your business and see what can be done to improve what you have and help you get your message out there in a better way to the right people. There’ll be suggestions about colour, fonts and how to use them, photography styles, ideas for illustrations and tips on what you need to do to create a stronger, more cohesive and more appealing brand identity that will speak to your clients and that they will find irresistible.

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Perfect for DIY brands needing a professional eye

If you DIY your brand identity and would value professional advice to help you create a compelling, consistent and client attractive image then this is perfect for you – but if you’re looking for guidance to see if you need professional help and what you should be paying for then this is great too! There’s no need to be embarrassed about your business cards or nervous to post on your Facebook page in case someone sees how bad your design skills are (chances are they’re better than you think) this is  great  time to have a chat about it so you know what to do to put it right.


Special introductory offer

For this introductory week it’s only £60 for your Brand Review and you will receive one hour of design time too! (you can use this hour anytime within the 6 months after your Brand Review) the price rises on 21st – so if you want to fix your business image then this is the best time to get some advice on what you need to do AND get some design help too! It’s amazing what can be achieved in an hour.

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How does it work?

Once you’ve paid, you can book a time slot. I’ve allowed an hour, but make sure you have a bit longer just in case you’re a good talker or have a lot to run through, I’m not going to cut our time off until we’re done. I shall confirm the time with you.

I’ll send you some information that you’ll need to think about and ask for things like your social media links and website address.

If you’re far away or don’t want to spend time travelling then we’ll chat on Skype or some other video option, it really helps to be able to see things, especially if you have print work that I can’t see or other larger things, say if you own a shop and want to incorporate your brand identity in there. If you’re nearby then we can meet up somewhere with wifi and take a good look at everything together.

We’ll spend some time talking about your business before we look at anything. What you do, who it’s for, what you want to achieve… and then we’ll dive into looking at what you have and how it can be improved to become something that you’re incredibly proud of AND that inspires your ideal client to take action. we might just talk a lot about what you need to do, there might be scribbles, there might be some screen sharing where I show you HOW to fix it or we take a look at some inspiration. Whatever happens it’ll all be about how you can make the most of your brand identity so that it does what it’s supposed to do – make you look good, demonstrate what you’re all about and make people want to know more about you and invest in what you have to offer.

You’ll get a recording of the call and Action Notes of recommendations as discussed (and any I think of later!)

… and if you take advantage of the special offer and book your place before the 21st then you’ll also have an hour of my time to help you implement the recommendations (or any other task you have that will take an hour) You can use this hour anytime within six months after we speak.

Is a Brand Review something you need to help you fix your business image? Book your Brand Review here. I can’t wait to speak to you!

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