image of a colourful cartoon parrot. Words read "Form follows function" Louis Sullivan

Last week I got to draw a humpback whale, a jellyfish, a snail, a parrot, a bike and a penguin, among other things – a beautiful and colourful set of illustrations coming to a YouTube channel near you shortly! I’m really excited to see them come to life.

Yes I get to do the BEST stuff.

I also drew three local landmarks for some posters including Dunstanburgh Castle which we visited not too long ago on a day when the waves were exciting and the tea my friend brought in a flask was very warming. This week has been about pencils and stars and bows and working with leaves which I inked two years ago.

I love what I do.

This is all based on what’s going to work best. The illustrations are for children, they need to be bright and bouncy and colourful. The bows and stars are for grown-ups and the meaning behind these and the way they’re arranged (as part of a logo design) is really important.

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Nothing is “just because”.

That’s what makes work that lasts.

It’s not about just “looking good”. Louise Sullivan said form follows function and this is exactly how it works for your brand.

Before you do anything, think about the purpose behind it. What do you want to achieve with this post, email, graphic? Does it fit with your values? Does it speak to your ideal client?

The landmark posters were based entirely around three values for the business which my client mentioned at briefing stage – this is quite impressive on it’s own because I didn’t have to ask. Values need to be at the forefront when you’re thinking about anything. I loved that about her thought process. It wasn’t just “o that would be nice”, but “this is what we want and this is what matters to us”.

What is the next action you’re taking for your brand? Make sure you’ve got your strategy nailed so that you make the most out of whatever it is you’re going to do.

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