If you could have a sidekick to help you crack this whole business thing, become successful, be well known as an industry leader, attract the people who you want to work with and ensure that people trust you – would you want one?

Of course you would. Unless you’re the kind of person who wants to do every little thing on your own.

This sidekick is called DESIGN.

Can your business function without good design? Yes of course it can. But do you think your business can get to where you want it to be without looking less than brilliant? That would be harder. Unless you don’t have big ambitions.

I don’t think that design is “always” essential right at the beginning of your business – it depends very much on what you do – but I do believe that if you want your business to grow, to reach (or exceed) it’s full potential or to reach people that you’re not currently reaching – then design is not a waste of money. In fact it’s crucial that you have great design on your side.

Design can help your business grow.

Design can help you connect with your audience. You can direct your efforts to be something which appeals to the people who will buy from you. You can make sure that your brand is something that they can relate to. You do this through carefully thought through visuals, strong, consistent branding and by looking more professional.

I have quite a few clients who come to me because their image isn’t professional enough and they want to pursue projects with larger companies or the public sector and need to look the part.

Design can help people to trust you. 

Design can help your business be taken seriously. Your image doesn’t have to be polished and professional – that might not be inline with your brand values – but it should be at a standard where your values are shining through and you LOOK like a “proper business”. So that people trust you. If you don’t look like you’ve really bothered then that won’t help you when you need people to part with their money. Especially if you are selling things on your website where people need to hand over their payment information.

Design is your secret communication weapon.

When you have a strong brand you can connect with people quickly and help them know that they want to find out more about you immediately, even if they’ve never heard of you before. Design creates emotional responses in people without them even knowing it. The colours, fonts and images you use all work together to create an emotional reaction – without your audience even realising it!

Design is your Rose Tyler or your Watson, helping you to solve the ultimate business challenge – how to be successful – whatever that means for you. You may not save the world or solve a murder – but if you use design well and consider what you want to achieve, you will be well on the way to reaching the goals you have for your business.



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