What happens when you don’t have good branding?

A good brand is worth having. But what IS a good brand? A good brand is... Recognised Memorable Easy to use Creates confidence Stands out If your brand doesn't do these things, then your brand isn't as

Why my brand strategy isn’t working

Do you have a brand strategy that isn't working for you? Maybe it doesn't feel right. Maybe you're not getting the results you were hoping for. Maybe you feel lost. Your Brand Strategy is your guide. It's there to help you reach your goals, to keep you on track, to get you where you want to go, to help you make decisions and keep you focussed. If it's not helping you do those things, then something is wrong.

A very good place to start

You can't work on your brand if you don't know what you're offering. This is because your whole brand is built around what you sell. Who do you sell it to? Why

How your brand impacts your whole business

Your brand impacts your whole business. It is everything because your brand isn't just about how your business looks. It's about everything that comes behind that. Why you have your
What's missing?

Why do you need a brand strategy? 

A brand strategy is the most important thing in your business - it's probably what's missing.  When you start working on your brand, what tends to happen is you'll decide on