What to think about when taking your business online

the best thing is just to start

There are around 5.9 million businesses in the UK, mostly small businesses. You’re probably one of those – like me! Many businesses are moving online in a way that they haven’t done before due to the coronavirus. Whilst people are less able to visit shops or meet in person, it’s become the best way to survive. If…

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Is your brand guide working for you

What are brand guidelines?

Earlier this week I met up with some friends to say goodbye to one of them. She’d been a client and become a friend and had literally just closed her business the day before because she’s moving to another part of the country. She told me that she’d thrown away her brand guidelines and that…

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What is branding?

Brand with Purpose

You have a brand, even if you don’t think you do. Brand is what other people think, say, feel and remember about your business. It’s what they think you’re all about (even if you’re not). It’s the stuff they say to other people that you don’t know about (unless someone tells you later), the feelings…

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How to be brave enough to have a visible brand

four ways to up your brand bravery

I know that right now and – going backwards a bit towards Christmas – is a key time for so many of us to do reflection and goal setting. I have been doing a bit of this too of course. I know that some of you might have set goals around your brand. Being more…

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7 reasons why branding is important for your business.

Before we dive into why branding matters, we should probably talk about what branding IS. Branding is… ALL the things. It’s huge. It’s what people think, say and feel about you. It’s your first impression and your 900th. It’s how you speak to people and how you act with people – and yes, it’s your…

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Repurpose your rhubarb: 20 ways to repurpose your content

We have recently become allotment owners (kinda. We are using an unused part of a friends allotment) and it’s been SO exciting. I am not the gardener of the family. My efforts so far have involved turning a fork of soil over a few times and buying lots of bulbs and seeds. My husband is…

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How to create a brand that is less confusing than Brexit.

avoiding brand confusion

Last night parliament couldn’t decide what to do about Brexit. Are we in, are we out? Do we have a deal? Don’t we? Who knows! But what I do know from my Facebook feed and from popping over to Twitter is that people are sick of there not being a decision of some sort. Even…

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When and when not to DIY your brand

You have SO many things to do in your business don’t you? Believe me I know, I do too. But is DIY’ing your brand one of them? I believe that it’s great to work on some aspects of this on your own, but others… well it depends on you. How creative are you? What sort…

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How to be consistent

Recently I bought one of those windscreen protectors for the car. It’s amazing! Makes icy mornings so much easier, and alongside the fancy-pants de-icer I have it means that scraping the car is a two second job and we’re not going to get to school after the gates close. Smashing! There are lots of things…

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Have a brand that stands out in a crowded field

Last weekend we went camping. We’ve been camping before, never in our own tent – and the past two years we’ve camped as guests in my friends tent with electricity and a kettle and heater (which was amazing! I hadn’t realised you could camp so snazzily) – so this year, we invested in our own…

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