The best position for your brand to grow

Image shows a ring-tailed lemur walking across a gravel path towards the grass. Words say "Finding the best place to grow"

We went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. Somewhere the kids love to go and where in the past we’ve managed to go on miserable days where the animals hide – but this day was really sunny and we saw everything. Starting with the Lemurs. At this zoo there’s a Lemur Walkabout where…

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Brand strategy gives you the answers before you even get to the visuals.

Image of Amy wearing a green top against a blue background, with a circle illustration over the top. Words read: "Have you found your Brand Bravery?"

Recently our car boot stopped working. It was stuck shut and there was nothing we could do. So I took it to the garage where a new switch was fitted and now it opens and closes perfectly again. Isn’t it annoying when something stops working? Isn’t it great when it’s fixed? A good while ago…

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Grab a picnic for your Great Summer Brand Adventure

Image is illustration of yellow picnic, purple bag, teal water bottle and brown paper bag with the legs, bottle and orange of a person sitting on the ground in the opposite corner. Text reads: "Assembling a picnic is similar to assembling your brand".

It’s been great weather for picnics lately hasn’t it? We’ve had a few recently, the kids love a picnic, and it’s lovely to spread out on a blanket and enjoy the sun with things to eat. When you go on a picnic you need a selection of things to make it work. Something to sit…

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Why did you start your business?

photograph of white blonde woman wearing a yellow top and wooden beaded necklace with a cup of tea in a yellow mug sitting outside her tent and staring to the left where the words say "what's your story?"

Over half term we went for a walk in one of our favourite woods. This particular wood we need to drive to and on the way the traffic was terrible. Really terrible. So we came off the main road and drove a more winding way through Northumberland passing fields of crops and sheep, the school…

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Small things that made a big difference.

a teddy bear wearing a yellow onesie sits on a pile of books. The top book is red and is Superfans by Pat Flynn. Behind the bear is a black rubber vase with orange tulips inside. Words read "VIP Treatment".

A couple of weeks ago, my son had go to A & E. We’ve been to A & E before – but it was different this time. The seats in the waiting room were taped up to stop people sitting together which meant we had to share a chair, and the room we waited in…

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How often do we settle for less than we deserve?

fish and chips in a newspaper cone with the words "No-one walks away feeling they haven't received what they came for."

We had a takeaway delivered from the fish and chip shop. I ordered fish bites. A fish is far too big, two fish bites is enough, and I share a portion of onion rings with my son and we’re good to go. The fish and chip shop forgot my fish bites. Did I complain? No…

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How to behave

"You can define your brand all you like , but actually it means nothing if it is at odds with behaviour - with what is done and how it is done, repeatedly, day after day."

The other day Hannah from Pop & Flo sent me a photograph from her book  “If in doubt, wash your hair” by Anya Hindmarch* knowing that I’d find her take on brand interesting – and I do. I love it. She says: “There is a lot of talk in business about brand. In my opinion…

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It’ll be worth it.

Text reads: What are you putting off? Image in the background is the shadow of a boy on a basket swing.

I took my son to the playground the other day for the first time in over a year. SUCH a treat for both of us. I’ve never been a huge playground fan unless it’s the kind where I don’t have to get up to push swings and make roundabouts spin.. but this felt special because…

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How does your day work?

"Do you get loads of interruptions" image shows hand drawn rabbit and hedgehog. The hedgehog is interrupting the rabbits day.

Do you watch Motherland? We were so excited when the new series started on Netflix, it’s so funny and relatable. The one that really made me laugh was the one where Julia is at home trying to work and her phone and doorbell keep ringing, she’s unloading the washing machine, she’s trying to do *all…

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Whales and snails and branding tales.

image of a colourful cartoon parrot. Words read "Form follows function" Louis Sullivan

Last week I got to draw a humpback whale, a jellyfish, a snail, a parrot, a bike and a penguin, among other things – a beautiful and colourful set of illustrations coming to a YouTube channel near you shortly! I’m really excited to see them come to life. Yes I get to do the BEST…

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