Interview by Julie Johnson: What is branding and why does branding matter?

I work on all the visual bits for your website from the logo right up to a complete brand system. Visuals are definitely a part of branding, but branding is SO much more than that! It’s HUGE! It’s everything, that people think, say or feel about you. That first impression. How you act. Anything that…

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Authentic marketing on a zero budget with Salma Jafri

Authentic marketing on a zero budget with salma jafri

This week, Salma Jafri joins me to answer your questions about marketing authentically on a zero budget. Watch the video, and check the notes below for links and a summary of each question. Thank you to Nimrah, Samantha, Kelly, Lisa and Lorna for your fantastic questions! What do you mean when you say “zero budget”? …

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AN INTERVIEW WITH…. Aggie Maxwell of Grow up Green

Recently Facebook took it upon itself to inform Aggie that it was five years since I’d designed her branding and website, and so I decided this was an excellent time to begin my INTERVIEW WITH… series  – with one of my very favourite clients and projects 🙂 I also became a customer myself with two…

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