Image shows chocolate chip cookies on a plate with a recipe book and some wooden toy pans. Text reads "You need to be involved in the whole process because it's your business".

On Monday I was making cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies from the Hummingbird Bakery if you’re interested. A key staple in our home along with Mary Berry’s Fork Biscuits (adapted). I make these regularly.

My son (6) came into the kitchen and wanted to help, so he got the little folding stool we keep in the kitchen for this purpose – and so I can reach the top shelves – washed his hands and donned his apron and chefs hat to help. He did a great job of stirring, but what he really likes is adding the ingredients. This really excites him, adding a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda and tipping the chocolate chips into the mixture. He loves breaking the egg too but I’d just done that bit.

When we’d finished and the cookies were in the oven he decided he needed to keep me company in the kitchen, so he set himself up in the corner with some toys including a gruffalo hand puppet, a junior tape measure, his camera, toy drill and chainsaw, his school bag, safety glasses, his favourite Minecraft plushies and a bottle of water.
It was lovely to have him there chatting away enthusiastically while I washed some dishes and we waited for the cookies to be ready.

When they were ready to eat he got his little stool again and chose cookies for his Dad and Sister which he carefully and proudly carried through to them – and then chose two for us. We ate them together and congratulated each other on how good a job we’d done.

After that he decided he needed to read more recipe books, chose three to take to bed with him and set up a restaurant for his toys on his bedside table with wooden pans ready to cook a delicious feast in.

🍪 Making cookies is just like building your brand.

You need to add the ingredients, but instead of flour and sugar and vanilla essence you’re adding your values and personality, how you want people to feel, what’s important to you, your story, your position…  You need to be involved in the whole process because it’s your business.

Then you’re gonna mix all of that strategy up and create something memorable that looks delicious and enticing to your ideal client – using your strategy to inspire your visuals.

While they’re cooking you can spend time developing your plans with your brand strategy in mind. Chatting to others, making notes, reading books.

And when you’re done, you can pop your cookies on a pretty plate and serve them up to the right people with pride.
You may even find that get a little obsessed with working on your brand and want to find out more about it..

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