Last week, my Mam, my daughter and I were playing Snakes and Ladders. We played it twice on two different boards but we didn’t finish either game because my daughter got bored. Getting to number 100 just took too long and she wasn’t winning.

This made me think about my clients and how recently I’ve worked with a few clients who have great businesses and want to progress to the next level with them. They want to reach a goal and they need an extra push to get them there. They aren’t going to give up like my daughter – running a business is a little more serious than a game of Snakes and Ladders – but they were on square 54 and they wanted to get to square 100 and to do that they needed some help.

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There are loads of different ladders we can climb to help get us from where we are not to Square 100 and I’m not an expert in most of them. You can hire a VA to do the tasks you don’t want to do, work with a business coach to help you do things better, have a copywriter create compelling copy for you, employ staff so you can get more done, take a stand at an exhibition, arrange meetings with people who will help you get to where you want to go, attend the right events and see if you can speak at them – the list is endless and it really depends on what your goals are as to what is the thing you need to do most.

Maybe you need a stronger brand to help your business impress potential clients?

Maybe your business image is shoddy, irrelevent or a bit faded?

Maybe you don’t have an online presence at all – or your website could do with an update – and you know that when you submit proposals you’ll be checked out online by your prospects, so you need to look your best?

Maybe you’re wanting to attract a new target market and your brand just isn’t quite inline with that?

Maybe between square 1 and square 54 (or wherever you are) things have changed – elements of your business don’t exist anymore, new services have come in, your values have changed and you just need to tweak your brand a little bit to realign it with where you are going?

These are all things that I would love to help you with, please contact me for a free consultation to help you work out what you need to do to move forward in these areas.

I would love to hear from you what you are doing to get from wherever you are on the board now, to number 100 – let me know what your ladder is in the comments.


You could review your own brand or get hold of my free Design Success Toolkit to help you achieve design success. Filling in the brief should help set you off in the right direction.

One thing you could definitely do – and a lot of people have downloaded this so far – is to download my free goal setting pack that I made last December to help you set some goals and move forward in your business.

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