Your values guide your brand, These are SO useful to nail down. When you know your values you will use them for everything. Really. This is not just a nice-to-do exercise, values are the inspiration behind your visuals, your reference for decision making, your guide for putting products and services together, your non-negotiables that shape your business, demonstrate your integrity and give you focus.

Your values help you to be more relatable to your ideal customer which helps to generate income, loyalty and awareness of your brand.

When you work on your brand you’re working on the core aspects that you need to communicate. What you’re about and what you stand for. Your values are a large part of this. They provide meaning and intention to keep you moving in the direction you want to go in the way that you want to do it and differentiating you from other businesses on the way.

64% of consumers say that sharing the same values with a brand is the primary reason they have a relationship in the first place.

Harvard Business Review

As part of that brand plan I mentioned in the previous blog, you’ll include your values to help maintain a strong position with your brand and enable you to keep on track.

The benefits of working out and USING your brand values in your business are:

  • Decision making – values set the criteria and give you focus so you make the right decisions for your brand.
  • Creates a more memorable and interesting experience for your customers.
  • Helps you create stronger relationships with customers when they relate to what you express.
  • Your values are a way to emphasis what matters, including them, talking about them, using them, helps to create a more authentic version of you which others can resonate with.
  • Your values inspire the actions you take in your marketing, socials, content and design.
  • When your customers relate more easily to your brand they are more loyal and tend to stay with you.
  • It’s easier to be consistent when you use your brand values as a benchmark for everything you do.

Using your values in your business doesn’t have to mean explicitly share your values with your audience, it’s more powerful to incorporate them into your business through action. Values inspire what you do and are communicated to your ideal customers through the evidence that they see and experience. Your values can shine out of your brand through intentional inclusion, which means more than simply saying “this is our value” – you need to prove it for it to be real. Create content, campaigns, packages, products, PR, copy, photographs, taglines, process, behaviours, culture, stories and customer service guided by your values and you won’t need to articulate them. Your customers will feel your values instead. * Goosebumps. *

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