how your customers will come to love your brand

The ultimate goal is for your customers to love your brand.

How does this happen?

First off, you need to love your brand yourself. This means being clear on eeeverything that your business represents and loving it. This will give you Brand Bravery and help you to show up 🙂

Then you’ve gotta find those people who you want to work with and show them what you’re all about. This is about flexing those connection points, finding the things that you know bother them and the things that light them up. Hang out with your ideal clients and get into conversation with them. Get to know them. Enjoy this bit.

The first time others see your business they’ll gain a first impression and anyone will tell you this is really important. You get 7 seconds. They’ll see your business and make assumptions, they’ll form ideas, they’ll decide how expert you are.. so getting this right matters. But also remember that each moment after that also matters as you provide more information to help them build up a picture of what you’re about. This is Brand Awareness.

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Those moments afterwards.. they won’t happen as easily or will have to work HARDER if you don’t get that first moment right. It can take 5-7 impressions before you’ll be remembered.

It really alters your progress. So make sure that wherever and whenever that first impression happens you’re coming across the best way you can to make a good start.

This happens through clarity on what your brand is all about, graphics or a personal image which supports that, and consistency throughout your visuals and messaging.

Ultimately it’s that connection piece which will keep your audience interested in you and turn them into customers, but the visuals that will help them to notice you in the first place.

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