Yesterday I was speaking with a new client about her logo which I’m about to start designing. One of the questions that I ask is who are your customers – or who do you want them to be?

This is a question that can get very mixed answers ranging from “everybody” all the way down to women aged 35 – 55, mainly in America.

It is SO easy to find out who your customers are. Here’s a few different ways to do it:

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1. Ask them. Conduct a survey. Ask questions on social media. Keep a spreadsheet.

2. Check out your stats. on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (and anywhere else that gives you great information!) This will give you information on the people who are interested in you and who might become clients.

3.  Grab a sheet of paper and divide it into 4. In each section write one of the following:

a. Love to work with and make me great money

b. Love to work with and don’t make me great money

c. Hate to work with and make me great money

d. Hate to work with and don’t make me great money

Then go through every single one of your clients – be brutal and honest – and put them in the box which fits them.

When you’ve finished, take a look at box A and work out what it is that links all these great clients together. These are your ideal clients and once you know who they are you can use this information to  target everything you do to the people you’re going to most enjoy working with who are going to spend money with you so you’re not struggling. It means that your whole brand has a focus so that it’s more successful, more effective and speaks to the people that you want to target.

Here’s a synopsis of who my idea client is!

So there’s three ways to work out who your customers are and who you want to work with.  Please comment below and let me know who YOUR customers are.

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