Today I give you four Christmas Decorations. For the best results, print them on coloured card. You could also use these as gift tags. These are to remind you to decorate your own business – and not just for Christmas.


“Thy leaves are so unchanging” – O Christmas Tree

The first verse of this mentions how the Christmas Tree is evergreen so it stays the same all year round. Whether it’s Summer or Winter, the tree is the same all the time.

In your business you should be the same all the time. By which I mean you should be consistent in order to hep people really grasp your message. If you’re consistent then people will come to know and trust you. They’ll see you as reliable. You’ll be at the forefront of their minds. Ensure that your leaves are unchanging all year round – your brand stays the same – your business is decorated perfectly in your brand colours and fonts – you know who you are targeting and you are being consistent in your comunication.

“You’ll go down in history” – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Rudolph stood out because he was different to the other reindeer with his shiny nose and that meant that he was remembered more than all the other reindeers. (I know their names. Do you?) and he went down in history. We are still singing about him after all, aren’t we? 😉

In your business, what can you do differently to make sure you stand out and are the first port of call for anyone needing whatever it is that you do?

“Hail the new year, lads and lasses” – Deck the Halls

In this song, we sing about celebrating Christmas and the new year, but it also says “Fast away the old year passes… Hail the new year, lads and lasses”

Amidst all the excitement of decking your halls, have you thought about the new year yet? It’s not far away, so you should really get a move on and think about what you’re going to do after Christmas. You might need to plan a sale or schedule in time to do things like your accounts or you might need to think about your new year marketing.

You should also spend some time reflecting on the year you’ve just had and thinking about what you can better next year. Maybe you need to set some goals or write a plan? Don’t let January creep on you!

“Go tell it on the mountain” – Go Tell it on the Mountain

This one is about sharing the good news that Jesus is born. Telling everyone. Making sure that people know about it “over the hills and everywhere.” Back then it won’t have been so easy as it is now – they didn’t have social media or the internet and I’m not convinced the postal service was up to much. They did have fancy angels though and people who were prepared to drop everything and go and tell people in other places what they knew, even though their sandals had probably fallen apart by the time they got there. Amazing. The great thing about this is that what they did then and have done from then until today has been really effective because so many people all over the world do know about Jesus – regardless of whether they believe it or not. (I do.)

In your business you need to spread your message too. Over the hills and everywhere. There are LOADS of ways to do this – a couple of these I’ve mentioned above.

How are you going to make sure that more people know about your business?  What can you do to spread the word? If you’re already doing this, how can you do it better? It doesn’t matter how amazing your business is if no-one knows about it. Don’t be shy or modest – go and tell it on the mountain and see what happens.

2dec-baubles-01Download these baubles, print them on coloured card and pop them on your tree or use them to decorate your office to remind you to:

– Be consistent

– Stand out

– Plan for the new year

– Spread your message


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