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Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction” – unknown

How did you feel when you woke up this morning? Were you filled with determination or did you hit the snooze person/ groan at the small child sitting on your feet/ drag yourself up to find the kettle/ pretend that morning hadn’t happened yet?

Being determined means being firm of purpose, not giving up, not quitting. I have to admit, I rarely wake up with determination – but then I’m a sleep deprived mother 😉 However, once I’ve got dressed and had a bit of time to adjust to the fact that I am indeed up, my thoughts turn to the plan for  the day and being quite a determined person anyway, I would say that determination is there motivating me to get to my desk and get doing.


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It’s not always like this though, and perhaps you struggle to find that morning motivation. Here’s some things you could do over breakfast (which would probably help too) to help you wake with determination:

  • Check the plan that you made the night before (if you did that!)
  • Look over your to-do list. Add tick boxes if you want to.
  • Keep some quotes that make you feel motivated nearby and read them, recite them – believe them.
  • If you have one, take a look at your vision board – or spend a moment adding something to yours so that you’ll have one to look at soon! Mine is a private board on Pinterest and a few pictures stuck inside my kitchen cupboards, it really doesn’t take long to make one. This is about what you want out of life, so things like a family, holidays, keeping chickens, saving for your kids future, a particular car, your own book or TV programme, a team in your office – images of things which represent your goals and hopes for the future both personal and business. This is why you get up in the morning – are you determined to make these things happen?
  • Write down your goals or take a look over them. When you go to bed, you’ll be a little bit closer.
  • Listen to a motivation speaker, watch a TED talk, read a chapter from a book.
  • Decide how you will reward yourself for achieveing whatever it is that you’re going to do that day.
  • Listen to some music that helps you feel motivated and positive – maybe even set this as the alarm on your phone to help you get in the right mindset right away when you get up in the morning.
  • Meditate.
  • Do some exercise.

Once youv’e mastered being determined, you’ll be able to make a big dent in that to do list and go to bed feeling satisfied. Who doesn’t want that?

In the comments: How do you keep yourself feeling determined?


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