fish and chips in a newspaper cone with the words "No-one walks away feeling they haven't received what they came for."

We had a takeaway delivered from the fish and chip shop. I ordered fish bites. A fish is far too big, two fish bites is enough, and I share a portion of onion rings with my son and we’re good to go.

The fish and chip shop forgot my fish bites.

Did I complain? No I didn’t. I ate a couple of onion rings and some stolen chips and left it at that.

I made a cup of tea instead.

How often do we settle for less than we deserve?

I always say to my clients “tell me what you think, don’t be polite” I want to know what they think even if they hate what I’ve done because then I can do my best to fix it.

Thankfully, because we spend a lot of time immersed in their business at the beginning gathering all the information I need – there’s often not a lot to tweak! But if they were unhappy for any reason I’d want to know so I could sort it out. I’m sure you feel the same. I don’t want anyone to settle. That’s why I offer unlimited amends. So no-one walks away feeling they haven’t received what they came for.

If you’re ready to sort out your brand visuals say hello in the Facebook chat box with a date and time you’d like to have a chat and I’ll get you set up for an Aha! Call (so called because you will likely have at least one aha! moment) to see if you’d like to work with me 🙂

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