Facebook is making changes to the way ads are displayed. They have increased the size of the images that you’re allowed in your ads so that they are a LOT bigger. 3.5 x bigger on desktops. The new size for linked page post ads or link shares in the News Feed is increasing from 154 x 154 px to 400 x 209 px in the desktop newsfeed. The best size to upload is now 1200 x 627 px – this will adapt to fit all ads.

 ad sizes


What does this mean for advertisers?

This means that you have a lot more space to play with – good right? More space = more opportunity to communicate your message and make sure that your band is really working for you. Especially in those titchy right column ads. The benefits:

– you won’t need to make differently sized images, one size will now fit all ads

– larger images will probably increase click through rates (CTR) as they’ll be more obvious. (Make sure they look irresistible!)

– the news feed – where all of your updates go – is more strongly emphasised. This is good, because ads in the news feed generally have better results due to be being mixed in with friends and business page posts

– there’s more room to make an impact with your branding and get your message across.

– links will now be from anywhere on the ad – the image or the text – to take people to where you want them to be

– you still can’t have more than 20% text

– ad prices will not change

See this article from Inside Facebook to see how this is going to effect the way different types of ad look, and check out the Facebook ad guidelines and the Ad Product Guides before you create your ad.

If you’d like a hand creating the graphic for your ad, then I’d love to help.


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