Cut things back

Recently we “discovered” our garden – an overgrown space which until about a month ago was unused, unloved and unappreciated. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but suddenly we decided to do something about it, a gardener made it something we could cope with (by cutting down trees and giving the left over ones a major haircut) and we have bought actual plants and planted them (and kept them alive, that’s the important bit!) and Mr Purdie made the kids a den from some of the leftover trees. They love it. We now spend time in the garden most days and I don’t see this changing. We can barely wait to get back to the garden centre to buy more plants!

Have you ever felt like this about your business?  That you didn’t really care very much for it, maybe it felt overgrown or unloved or like too much to tackle – like our garden was. I certainly felt like that about mine, a little while back now, and what really helped was two things:
1. Getting clarity – I hired a coach, took part in online programmes and I started to read books to improve my business and myself.
2. Improving how my business looked – by making my brand identity more inline with what my business is all about!

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I can’t tell you the difference once I fell back in love with my business again! And now, whenever I go off track I just check back to my business plan and maybe tweak my brand a little bit. It’s good to have all the important information in one place to check back on.

It’s a bit like cutting everything back and buying new plants. That place that seemed really overgrown is suddenly much more fun to spend time in and the things you want to do are easier to achieve. If your garden is overgrown then you don’t have any space to fill with the good stuff. So you need to cut things back (get clear on your business) and make your space beautiful by buying plants (improve how your business looks).


If you click here you’ll be able to download a one page business snapshot, which is really handy for helping you when you need clarity.  Fill it in and pop it on your wall – and when the weeds push through or you’re feeling a bit down about things, you’ll have something to refer to.


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