Not only the silicon valley, but business centers all around the world have been known to be less supportive to female entrepreneurs. But, that did not deter these strong-willed ladies to take the path of entrepreneurship. Yes, they faced hurdles, a lot but giving up was never an option they thought of. It was their grit determination and passion that led them to build their small startup into a successful venture.

So, at Whiteacres we thought of covering a few of these female entrepreneurs who are crushing it in 2017. Let’s take a look at them and be inspired-

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    Kimberli Cheung Wright- A Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from Brigham Young University Kimberli has donned many hats in her illustrious career. From making movies to interior design to now helping people make travel plan, Kimberli has experience in diversified sectors and has achieved great success in all. Her documentary film on healthcare won her 4 international awards.Currently she is the founder of Trepic. Trepic helps people to make their travel plan. All one has to do is update what they want in their travel experience. Based on the entered preference trepic shows destinations in the form of images which you can select and book. Apart from running trepic, kimberli loves traveling, making virtual reality films and designing and developing vacation homes on various islands. You can follow her on angel list- @kimberlitrepic.

  2. Sabrina Mutukisna- Sabrina is a B.A. graduate in film studies from University of California, Berkeley. A staunch believer of enterprises that creates social impact, Sabrina worked for 13 years in Bay Area developing workforce and building community.Thereafter, she thought of creating employment in Oakland area which saw a huge outflux of people due to increasing living cost. It became extremely hard for young people to afford such high price and this is when Sabrina thought of creating employment for youths that helps them in long run and give them financial sustainability. Thus came ‘TheTownKitchen’ which provides the youth with crash course who then make and deliver chef created lunch to companies in Bay Area. You can follow her on twitter- @sabrina_mutu
  3. SASHA KILL- After 12 years of playing various roles at many companies, Sasha decided to build her own. Her strong love for digital marketing and graphic design, Sasha thought to start her own venture in this segment itself. Thus, ‘Outlaw Creative’ was born in 2011.The problem Sasha saw was that while most of the entrepreneurs wanted to create a brand for themselves, they just did not knew how to do it. From website design that was too trivial to negligible branding, the startups were doing most of the thing in a wrong manner. Therefore, she started outlaw creative with an aim to help entrepreneurs especially female to create a brand identity for their startup. All we can say is that she has been quite successful in it as her clients have performed extremely well upon availing her services. You can follow her on Twitter- @outlawcreative.
  4. Amanda Signorelli- Although not a founder of the company, Amanda has played a great role in expanding Techweek market. A Bachelor of Science graduate from Washington University, Amanda has worked as Business Analyst in McKinsey & Company before being appointed as CEO of Techweek.Techweek holds conferences in multiple cities to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, tech guys. Amanda says that she wants to bring the conference to more cities and see more and more female entrepreneurs benefitting from the conferences. You can follow Amanda on twitter- @amandsignorelli.
  5. ARIEL GORDON MAFFEI- Ariel launched her brand Ariel Gordon Jewelry in 2009 from her Santa Monica Apartment. A graduate from University of California, she was still working as executive at maya brenner design when she launched her jewelry line.Simplicity, personalisation and the ability to perceive minute details is the main reason behind the success of her brand. Her clientele includes celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lawrence and many more, which in itself speaks about the success she has achieved. On her website she has written “I am inspired by travel, blue skies, bright colors, and the inherent beauty of my raw materials.”
  6. Julia Taylor Cheek- She was the youngest VP of $1.5 billion company- MoneyGram International. Prior to that she worked as a Director of Strategy and Operations at the George W. Bush Institute.After her stint at MoneyGram she started EverlyWell. The digital health startup offers consumer-ordered diagnostic tests and easy-to-read results. Apart from managing EverlyWell, Julia is also a venture partner at NextGen Venture Partner. You can follow her on twitter- @juliatcheek


We believe there are many more female entrepreneurs who are making it big in their industry. If you know any such inspiring women then do share her profile in our comment section and we would try to include her in this post.


Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels. Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1

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