How brave are you on your social media? Are you YOU? Do you have opinions and ideas and confidence?

Being you is worthwhile. Why would you want to be anyone else? It’s much easier to be yourself – yet quite often we try to water that down, we’ll avoid conversations where we could state what we really think. We worry that people will be switched off from us if we express an opinion on something.

In her Five Minutes with… slot, Samantha Townsend from Samantha is Social spoke about being bold. Be YOU. Feel the fear and do it anyway – go with who you are and don’t worry too much about upsetting people, make sure that the value you add is worth people time. People will engage with you on a deep level if you have an opinion that resonates with them.

So just be you. Unapologetically.

No one else is you. No one else has your story.

If you’re you then the people who get you will be loyal to you. So just do it. No luke-warm, diluted version, just you in your full, glorious self.

Here’s the video of the first tip that Samantha shared. She also talked about Authenticity and Facebook Ads inside the Brand Success Club. You’ll need to join the Club to catch the rest of that.

To find out more about Samantha Is Social, check her out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


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