There are loads of reasons that you might feel your business image isn’t cutting the mustard. It might be that you want a complete overhaul of your business image – or you might just need to tweak it slightly to bring it more inline with you business now.

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Ten reasons why your business image isn’t cutting the mustard.

Here’s some of the reasons that my clients have to come to me:

  1. Often a client (or their boyfriends sisters cats auntie) designed a logo, and whilst they were really proud of it at the time and it saved them money then, they know that it isn’t professional enough and doesn’t do their business justice now. Design is not their skillset, so it’s time to ask an expert to fix this.
  2. A logo was designed right at the beginning of the business. It was rushed because they wanted to get started and felt that they needed to have it in place before they got in touch with people (you don’t need a logo to start your business) so they didn’t give it enough thought and it doesn’t work for them anymore. In fact, it makes them feel embarassed.
  3. The business has changed. What once worked perfectly now feels dated and it doesn’t fit with what they’re all about. They’ve added new services and they serve a different audience. Maybe their business has changed so much that they’ve changed their business name. Clearly they need a new logo, and the changes in their business necessitate a brand identity that strongly communicates what their business is all about.
  4. They have plans for the future and their business image is not good enough to help them get there. They need their brand identity to be revamped so that it will work with their new audience when they reach out to them.
  5. They just don’t feel good about how their business looks. They don’t feel proud of it, and they don’t have the confidence to hand out their business cards or brochures when they meet someone who would be a perfect fit for their business because they know they’ll be judged.
  6. They bought this business from someone else and while the business is fantastic, their brand identity doesn’t help them feel that they own it. This is probably as much to do with feeling ownership by giving everything their own look as it is to fresh eyes seeing the business going in a different direction to the previous owner.
  7. They bought a pre-made logo from somewhere else and it’s lovely – but it’s not unique. Someone else has the same logo. It isn’t about THEIR business, it’s too generic and it’s done it’s job.
  8. Their audience has changed. Maybe as time has gone on they’ve worked out who their audience is and it’s time to have a brand that specifically attracts clients who like Cath Kidston, travel, unicorns, the environment, flowers and baking. They want to be the go-to person for their ideal client.
  9. Their logo followed a trend rather than being unique to them. Trends are great – but they don’t last.
  10. Their business has grown. It’s not just one person anymore, and they need to make sure that their team knows how to keep their business image consistent. This means that rather than just making it up each time they create a graphic, they now need to have a guide for the team to follow so that the brand image looks the same everywhere, all the time.


Do you fall into any of these ten categories? If so, we should definitely talk! Go here to see how I can help you out 🙂

If you do fall into one of these categories then conducting a brand review would be a great start. Go here to get your free worksheets and video.


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