It’s so easy to go crazy at Christmas isn’t it? You can have so many decorations and go totally over the top and it still looks great! You can have your tree, bunting, nativity scene, advent calendars, lights, garlands, things hanging from the ceiling and stuck on your windows, decorations outside and in every room. Tinsel around all your picture frames and a wreath on your door, candles in jam jars, decorations slung round your light fittings, mistletoe, stockings on the fireplace, films on the TV, Christmas ornaments, heck, you could even stick Christmas wrapping paper on your walls and that would still be festive!

Is it OK to go completely crazy with your business image? At the moment you can add snowflakes to your website if you’re using wordpress (I’m sure you can on other websites too) – here’s some plugins you can use to help Christmass-ify your website!

I don’t mean with Christmas though, Christmas is fun and whatever you do – if you do anything for Christmas – you will be undoing once it’s over. I mean with your actual business image. Can you get away with flying images and gifs and going crackers with your brand image?

Sometimes you can  – Lings Cars manages this really well – but not everyone can get away with it. Generally it’s a good idea to keep things clear and simple so that the important information stands out and people aren’t overwhelmed by what they see. Keep the word count down on your leaflets, use a nice clear font, don’t use distracting images, make sure that your main point stands out and you have a single focus for what you want people to accomplish. It’s about having clarity on the purpose of what you’re doing and knowing what steps you want people to take.

So when (if) you Christmass-ify your website, make sure not to make it so overwhelming that people can’t see what you want them to do.  When you create your business image ensure that you

– know what you want people to do when they’re on your website/ looking at your leaflet…

– make that action clear

– keep things clean so that people aren’t overwhelmed by information

– have a consistent look and feel to your business, no matter whether that’s in print or online

– have clarity on what your brand is all about (check out the Design Success Toolkit or the Brand Success Club)

Happy decorating!

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