A good brand is worth having.

But what IS a good brand?

A good brand is…

  • Recognised
  • Memorable
  • Easy to use
  • Creates confidence
  • Stands out

If your brand doesn’t do these things, then your brand isn’t as strong and your business results – your income – will reflect that.

If you don’t stand out then you won’t be noticed.

If you aren’t memorable then you’ll blend in.

If you aren’t recognised then people won’t know who you are.

If you are aren’t creating content and business materials easily, then they will be less effective because you are rushing to create and struggling to find the right words and images.

If you lack confidence in your brand then you will find sharing your message harder and showing up more challenging because you lack clarity on your brand and lack confidence in your visuals.

If your audience lack confidence in your business then they won’t be buying. They won’t have trust in you.

If your brand isn’t good then you won’t be known, remembered, trusted.

The impact of all of this is fewer people knowing about you, fewer customers and less income.

Your brand needs to work for you, even when you’re caught up with your business, chatting with customers, holding space and running workshops. A good brand will enable you to continue doing those things!

Your brand isn’t just about the visuals. It’s about implementing your strategy throughout every aspect of your business so that it’s a whole representation of what you’re about. Communication. Marketing. Delivery. How those ladies in your yoga class feel when they leave, or how your coaching client feels when they roll up on zoom. It’s about your reputation with those who matter.. especially the people whose lives you can create the most impact with. If you don’t consider this and intentionally make changes that align with your brand, then you risk diluting your brand, removing the impact that you could be having and not delivering right through to the end of the process.

This is about standing out – owning your position, knowing what differentiates you. Maybe you have a specific focus – the menopause, a healthier life, enabling people to engage with the outdoors, supporting parents, removing stress, building confidence, creating safety – whatever it is, that needs to be hyper obvious so that the right people see that you can help them with their specific issue. When you don’t make it super obvious where you stand in the space you serve, people can’t see how you can help THEM. Maybe you give more time, or more energy, or have add-ons that are hugely beneficial which your competitors don’t bother with. There will be something that gives you the edge – it’s worth taking the time to find out what that is.

They need to trust you. For this to happen you need to show them who you are – that you are credible, that others benefit from your expertise. Show that you know what you’re talking about, that you walk the walk – this is about repetitively spreading your message – and your story – what led you to helping others in this way now. This will build connection as well as trust when your customers see that you understand where they are at. It’s easy to get lost in “do this”, “here’s a quote”, “have a quick tip” content and forget to share testimonials, facts, opinion pieces and expertise, but there are the things that will show your authority.

Creating a strong brand is about repetition. Having a clear direction for where you want to get to and how you’re going to make it happen makes it so much easier to be consistent because you know that your message and your visuals are moving towards what you want to achieve.

Being consistent helps people to recognise you, resonate with your content, remember you and then refer you to others who need your thing. This happens EVERYWHERE. Social media yes, also in your emails, the way you run your sessions and provide your service, your marketing, the way you show up, how you speak about your business and who you speak to. It’s about your visuals and your strategy. Not adding in new things “just because”, not creating extra ideas that don’t align with your strategy.. it’s easy to slip into adding another colour or copy-catting a post that works well for someone else. Consistency is about being YOU over and over, not pinching ideas from others and adding them in.

When you have a strong brand, you can charge more for what you do. You don’t look like you asked your four year old nephew to create your visuals. Your logo and brand assets show that you’re a real business and can do the work. Your consistency shows you’re reliable and creates trust. Your values stand out and enable connection with your audience. When you don’t bother with this, your brand doesn’t have as much perceived value so you will find people don’t trust you as much, they don’t see the value in what you do. Putting effort into your brand not only shows that you really care about your business but that you really care about your customers too. You are showing them how fantastic you are so they know that you are the coach or teacher for them.

When your brand isn’t strong, you’ll find that as your business evolves you need to make more changes. When you do the work properly your strategy and visuals will last for years. They’ll get you to your goals. They’ll work alongside your business actions to move you from where you are now to where you want your business to be, provided you remain consistent and stick to the decisions you made. There may be some tweaks required over time but they’ll be minimal. This means you’ll save time, money and effort whilst also being able to get ahead quicker.

Creating a good brand is essential if you’re wanting to have a successful business that’s able to grow. Your business could be doing SO well, but when you slip up on following your strategy and visuals or when they don’t work with the brand you flung together at the beginning – it’s time to get a refresh so you can do better.

Figure out what makes you special, get consistent and build your reputation.

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