This post is intended to show the design process from start to finish.

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Grow up Green is run by Aggie Maxwell who sells reusable nappies and provides trial kit hire so that families can try the many types of nappy and discover which brand is for them. The branding for Grow up Green was inherited from the previous owner and Aggie felt that she wanted to put her own stamp on it.


The first part of the process is to sit down over a cup of tea and have a chat about the business while filling in the design brief. This includes questions such as:

-What are the objectives of the brand?

-What are the business values?

-Who is the target audience?

-What other designs does the client like/ dislike?

Grow up Green wanted an identity which showed cute, cuddly babies, gorgeous nappies and was feminine. It needed to convey the environmental aspect of using reusable nappies as well as showing that they are stylish. After the brief is typed up, terms and conditions signed, a deposit is paid and then an awful lot of doodling, thinking, research and list making takes place:


Some of the ideas are taken onto the computer:

And after some development three or four are presented to the client. Aggie chose this one:


The identity still

needed some work, so the colours were adapted to look fresher and more attractive. Aggie also wanted to avoid bottle green!


The baby also needed some development. His (or her) hair was changed, the colours were changed, the expression was worked on the and the arms were extended to make him look more friendly and also to draw attention to the nappy (“Look at me!”)

The safety pin also required some work as most reusable nappies fasten with velcro, poppers or nappy nippers, so a safety pin is a bit out of date. After much deliberation and consideration it was decided that the safety pin needed to stay in order to show that the nappy is a reusable one as nothing else conveys this as well.


The next area for consideration was the strapline. This needed to be simple and to convey that Grow up Green helps families to make a choice about the right reusable nappy for them. The strapline “Choose to reuse” was chosen as it is easy to remember and conveys the choice of reusable nappies.

This is the final identity:

After the creation of the identity, the stationery was designed. These are three examples for the compliment slips. Aggie chose the one on the right:



Brand Guidelines are developed to help clients to use their brand consistently across anything they apply it to. These cover a huge variety of options, including brand identity versions, positioning, measurement and size, colour specification, typefaces, imagery to be used and any applications that the branding has been applied to.




It won’t be long until you can find out more about Grow up Green on their new website:

(Edit. You can do this now. Check it out at


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