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Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response” Michael Bartel

What’s not to like about this quote? Happiness is a conscious choice. You can decide that you’re going to be happy – or not. Happiness isn’t something that will just happen automatically, it’s up to YOU to decide to let it happen.

When I first read this, I wasn’t sure. I’m a happy person – of course I’m happy automatically! Give me my kids smiling or a cup of tea or wash the dishes for me and I’ll be happy.  Of course, like anyone, I’m not happy ALL the time, but if I’m having a rotten day I do something that will make me happy. I stick the kettle on (yes, tea is a major contributor to my happiness!) or I do something silly with my son, or I’ll read something or draw. Without really thinking about it I decide to change that situation, so maybe this quote is right – happiness IS a decision.


Tweet this: “Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response. I choose happiness.

Did you know that there’s actual scientific evidence to prove that happiness is a choice?

Research is showing pretty convincingly now that happiness is really within us, it’s not outside of us. It’s in what we do. It’s sort of how we act, how we think every day of our lives” Lyubomirsky, Psychology professor.

If happiness is WITHIN you – what can you do to get it out?

I hope that happiness is a choice that you’re making.

Comment below and let me know what makes you happy.


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