How do you help your fish find you?

The other day, my daughter and I went to the local Nature Reserve. We were walking along the river when a lady passing us told us that there was a Heron in the river just a little further along. We looked out for it and there it was was – waiting for a fish. After a little while it caught the fish and took it across the river to eat it on the stones, then it flew up and down the river for a while to find somewhere else to stand and waited a bit more.

In our businesses, what do we do to let our potential clients know that we are waiting for them? Do we wait and wait patiently like the Heron, hoping that one of our “fish” will come along, or do we do whatever we can to let our clients know that what we do and that we are waiting for them?

The Heron has it’s target audience cracked. It knows exactly where the fish are, it knows what to do when it gets to the river and it knows how to get the fish.

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Do you have your target audience nailed? Here’s my Ideal Client Profile. It’s really important to work out who your target audience is so that you can target your business to them. How can you design a logo or a poster or a website or a programme if you don’t know who you are designing it for?

Once you’ve done that ( TIP: look at your existing clients, see who you liked working with best and where the most money came from) then you need to know HOW you are going to let these people know what you can do for them. I do this through social media, videos, these blog posts, my monthly newsletter and by networking in real life too – and then once people know about you, when they need the services that you offer they’ll know who to turn to.

Are you waiting and waiting like the Heron to find a fish, or do you have a plan to help your fish find you?

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Please let me know in the comments:

– what you do

– who your ideal client is

– what you are doing to make sure that they know what you can do for them


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